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  1. Spacing and Y axis values

    I used formatnumberscale='0' and the output now displays, properly, 10,000 instead of 10K. When I use showvalues='0' to try and fix the spacing problem, all that did was eliminate the data output from the chart, which is not what I want. I still want to display the data output on the chart, but I would like to add a little space between the values because they sometimes overlap. Is that even possible ? Thanks
  2. Spacing and Y axis values

    How do I add some spacing between the total shipments value and the total charges values ? Sometimes they overlap and it is hard to read. Also, instead of showing 6K, 8, 10K, etc., in the primary Y axis, how can I change it to show 6,000.....8,000.....10,000....etc. ? Similiar to the way the secondary Y axis is displayed.
  3. I am using coldfusion to create fusioncharts pie charts. One application will produce three pie charts, each with its own query. So I have query, then output, query, then output, and query, then output. I use the renderchart command and this is the code for all th three charts (chart name, etc. are different) : #renderChart("http://#cgi.SERVER_NAME#/Fusion/charts/Pie3D.swf", "", strXMLPie1, "AirGround", 600,600, false, false)# My problem is that the three pies seems to be coming out in different sizes. For example, the first pie might be smaller in diameter than the other two, or the third pie might be larger in diameter than the other two. Everytime I run my application, the pies are always different sizes. What do I have to do to make each pie come out the same size ?
  4. Pie chart question

    This is the code that I am using in coldfusion for my pie chart. It basically creates an xml string and uses the renderChart command to call variable strXMLPie to produce the pie chart. It works fine. The variable name 'fruit' is either apples or oranges and the variable totalCharges is the cost of each. I tried to use your method with the line break and but it does not like it. I think # is causing the problem, since that is a coldfusion sysmbol. Can you help me with my code below and see exactly where your commands fit ? <cfset strXMLPie = "<chart caption='Apple vs. Oranges' subCaption='January 2010' animation='1' pieSliceDepth='30' showborder='0' baseFontSize='15' formatNumber='1' formatNumberScale='0' numberPrefix='$'>"> <cfloop query="qry"> <cfset strXMLPie = strXMLPie & "<set label='#fruit#' value='#totalCharges#' link='" & '../reports/xxxReport' & "'/>"> </cfloop> <cfset strXMLPie = strXMLPie & "</chart>">
  5. Pie chart question

    For my pie chart, I currently have two slices, one representing the total dollar amount of apples and the other slice representing the totla dollar amount of oranges. Is there a way to display a second (or even third) label/amount, for the same slice ? For example, the original pie slice displays $50.00 for apples and $50.00 for organges. Since the total amount is $100.00. I want to display a second label/amount for apples, displaying '50% of total', and also displaying '50% of total' for organes. So for each slice, I want to display the dollar amount and the percentage of that amount, compared to the total. Thanks
  6. Pie in Powerpoint slide

    I am using Pie3D.swf to produce a pie chart in coldfusion. Output displays on the screen properly. Is there anyway to put this pie chart directly into a powerpoint slide without copy and paste. I tried with this coldfusion command <cfcontent type="application/mspowerpoint"> and it opens up a powepoint slide but it is blank, the pie is not there. How can I do this ?
  7. Two simple questions

    I am producing a stacked chart. The values are displayed inside each stacked bar and the default bar colors are used. 1. How do I change the color of the bars ? For example, if one of the bar colors is blue with a gradient, how can I change the color to green with on gradient ? 2. How do I change the color of the values that are displayed inside each bar ? So far, the color is black (or dark gray ?) and inside the blue bar, it is very hard to see/read. Perhaps changing the color to white might be easier to see/read ? Thanks for any help/suggestions
  8. Pie Question

    I am using Pie3D.swf with coldfusion. Instead of having the name and value displayed around the pie, pointing to the particular slice, is there a way to just show the value by the slice, and then have the name in a legend ? Also, how can I make the print darker ? not bold but just black, currently the text seems to be gray. Thanks
  9. Bar width

    hello, I am using coldfusion and this is what I have for the chart tag/element : <cfset strXML = "<chart plotGradientColor='' plotSpacePercent='70' baseFontSize='10' PYAxisName='Number of Lots' PYAxisMaxValue='500' SYAxisName='Days' SYAxisMaxValue='200' labelDisplay='rotate' slantLabels='1'>"> This is my output : <cfoutput>#renderChart("http://#cgi.SERVER_NAME#/Fusion/Charts/StackedColumn3DLineDY.swf", "", strXML, "chartID", 760, 600, false, false)#</cfoutput> The chart plots fine and everything works, except for the plotSpacePercent. The bars are still close togehter.
  10. Bar width

    I looked at the zip files and there are spaces between the bars, which is what I am looking for. This is what I have in the chart tag : <chart plotSpacePercent='80' baseFontSize='12' .... I tried different values for plotSpacePercent and none seem to work. Is this correct and is it in the right place ? Also, can you display the code for the zip files so I can see what I am doing wrong ? Also, how do I post my code ? copy and paste does not seem to work.
  11. Bar width

    I have this in my chart tag <cfset strXML = "<chart plotSpacePercent='80' baseFontSize='12' .... and it did not change the width of each bar, they are still the same. What am I doing wrong ?
  12. Bar width

    Is it possible to reduce the with of a bar ? I am using StackedColumn3DLineDY.swf and so far there are about twevle data points. I would like to reduce the width of each bar so that there is some whitespace between each bar, to make it more readable. How can this be done ?
  13. I am trying to produce a stacked chart, four stakced columns per category. I am using MSStackedColumn2D.swf, but keet getting an error. I have the debug but it will not let me paste on here, how can I do that ? Basically, it says there was no data found in the xlm document but it does show values. Also, the query runs fine thru analyzer and displays data.
  14. Stacked bar charts

    I currently use ColdFusion and StackedColumn3D.swf to produce a stacked chart. The top bar shows total qty coming in and the bottom bar shows total qty going out, per month. Here is part of the code I am using looks something like this : <dataset seriesname = "Total Qty In"> <dataset seriesname = "Total Qty Out"> <cfloop query="qryName"> <category name="#month#"> <set value="#qyIN#"> <set value="#qtyOut#"> </cfloop> <cfoutput>#renderChart("http://#cgi.SERVER_NAME#/Fusion/Charts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "", strXML, "chartID", 760, 600, false, false)#</cfoutput> </cfoutput> So far, this works, because I only use one query. However, I now need to use two queries, one to get the total qty coming in and the other to get the total qty going out. Using two queries, how can still produce the stacked bar chart ?
  15. Stacked Charts

    I currently have a stacked chart created in ColdFusion. There are two queries involved, one for total qty coming in and the other for total qty going out, per month. So each month will have a stacked bar. I need to convert this into FusionCharts now. How can I still use the two queries and create a stacked chart ? I assume I will be using msstackedcolumn2d.swf ? Thanks