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  1. Hi, I am having an issue with implementing an alert that will popup on the screen when a point on a real time chart is clicked . When the chart is initially loaded it makes a POST call and the subsequent calls to the data stream to update the chart are GET. The alert works properly on the points of the realtime graph that were loaded from the inital POST however if I click on any points that were loaded from the realtime datastream i get a 404 error. The chart renders correctly , it is only when clicking the link that it breaks. Any clue as to why the initial POST works but the subsequent GET does not. --Response from GET call to datatream &label=2013-09-19 07:04:48 +0200&value=189.0|22268&link=JavaScript: alert('Sum of Packets','Thu Sep 19 07:04:48 IST 2013','189.0')|JavaScript: alert('Sum of Bytes','Thu Sep 19 07:04:48 IST 2013','22268')&dataStamp=5355919344020098 --Segments of chart xml from POST response relating to link -- There are two references to chartLink and one to link. chartLink="JavaScript: alert('{series}','{categories}','{value}')" chartLink=JavaScript%253A%2Balert%2528%2527%257Bseries%257D%2527%252C%2527%257Bcategories%257D%2527%252C%2527%257Bvalue%257D%2527%2529&amp --segment of chart xml as well <categories><category label="07:10:00" showVerticalLine="1.0"/></categories><dataset seriesName="Events" color="3e8aad"><set value="626.0" link="JavaScript: alert('Events','07:10:00','626.0')"/>