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  1. HI Guys, We are planning to buy the license but we are facing some issues i already post two issues no replies from u side and here is one more when we binding the data to the gauge chart and bar charts it taking alot time in ie8 but in ie10 its coming fast so please let us know is there any solution for this i hoping i will get some reply from u side.I am attaching a screen shot which is an profiling in ie8 i highlited those are taking alot time Thanks in advance
  2. Tool tip issue

    Pls guys help me know it very urgent
  3. Tool tip issue

    i have two multi series 2d bar chart in jquery dialog box when i opened every thing is coming fine even tool tip also but when i close the dialog box still the tool tip is not going off. Thanks in advance It very urgent
  4. Hi guys, I am using jquery dialog box on click of a button he dialog will open in that dialog box i have a drop down ,gauge chart,multi series bar 2dchart and funnel chart so when i run the th program for the first time i am unable to see the labels any thing for the chart but when i change the drop down it working fine, pls help me it very urgent . i have attached the image before the drop down change and after the drop change Thanks in advance