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  1. Hi, I replaced the FCExporter and the SharpVectorAssembly and the problem was solved. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I am saving a chart as picture on server side but I see some difference. The main difference is that the lines behind the bars (as you can see in the webVersion) becomes are totally different in the savedVersion. I want: 1. to have those lines as in the webVersion 2. to make the button from the right upper corner (the export button) invisible. I am using these saved pictures for a report and they should look really nice. I am waiting your answers. Have a nice day!
  3. Hi, I am trying to render some FusionCharts, using the JS, not the Flash version (because I want to export it as a picture and save it on the server and a long story). The problem is that, using the same XML, I get different designs when it is to compare the flash version and the javascript version. I would like to have the design of the Flash version, but using the javascript version. Some explanation: 1. I load the charts like this: var objchart = new FusionCharts("MSColumn2D", containerId + "name", 900, 400, "0", "0"); objchart.setXMLData(xmlData); objchart.render(containerId); 2. the chart what is loaded, looks like attachment 1. 3. I want the chart to be like in attachment 2 (please check yAxis labels and xAxis labels). 4. My xml file is like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <chart xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" caption="Verantwoordelijk" subcaption="" xAxisName="" yAxisName="" rotateYAxisName="0" yAxisMaxValue="5" yAxisValueDecimals="1" decimals="1" forceDecimals="1" numberSuffix="" useRoundEdges="0" bgColor="F8F8F8" numDivLines="3" showAlternateHGridColor="0" showAlternateVGridColor="0" divLineThickness="1" zeroPlaneThickness="1" showPlotBorder="0" plotGradientColor="" showBorder="0" canvasBorderAlpha="0" divLineColor="686868" canvaspadding="10" exportEnabled="1" exportHandler="../../../FCExporter.aspx" exportAtClient="0" exportFileName="158013196_SCORE_PER_COMPETENTIE_VERANTWOORDELIJK_PML_L"> <categories> <category label="Maatschappelijk bewust" /> <category label="Oplossingsgericht" /> <category label="Constructief kritisch" /> <category label="Risicobewust" /> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Peers, medewerkers & leidinggevende" color="FF0000" showvalues="0"> <set value="5" /> <set value="5" /> <set value="5" /> <set value="5" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Managersgroep" color="7030A0" showvalues="0"> <set value="3.9" /> <set value="3.5" /> <set value="3.7" /> <set value="3.8" /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style xsi:nil="true" /> <style name="AxisFont" type="font" size="10" color="555555" bold="1" isHTML="1" /> <style name="LabelsFont" type="font" font="Verdana" size="8" color="555555" bold="0" isHTML="1" /> </definition> <application> <apply xsi:nil="true" /> <apply toObject="xAxisName" styles="AxisFont" /> <apply toObject="yAxisName" styles="AxisFont" /> <apply toObject="SubCaption" styles="AxisFont" /> <apply toObject="DataLabels" styles="LabelsFont" /> </application> </styles> </chart> 5. I am using FusionCharts 3.3.1-sr2.19840. 6. I am using Chrome version 43.0.2357.130. My questions are: 1. Why there are so big differences (please check for example the yAxis labels, missing xAxis labels)? 2. What should I change in order to have it as I want (as in the attachment 2)? I am looking forward for your answer. Have a nice day!
  4. StackedBar2D flash doesn't show subcaption

    Hello, I'm trying to show a subcaption above a stackedBar2D graph. In flash It doesn't show up, in HTML5 it works fine. Is this a bug? greetz, Remco