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  1. Blinking on setDataXML

    Without animation its a little bit better, but .... I don't know if tis possible, but it would be nice to have such feature like updating of data without redrawing the whole chart ... some sort of interface between flash and javascript
  2. Blinking on setDataXML

    If my data changed, i can update a chart with setDataXML (or setDataURL) without reloading the page - this works fine. But every time i invoke one of these functions the chart blinks one time. Is it possible to update the chart with the new data without blinking? May be some animation property...???
  3. Hallo everybody! Ist it possible to react on the slicing of the pie chart?? I want to use JSF-ajax implementation with the fusioncharts: for example, if i click on some pie portion and it is sliced, then i want to raise some ajax event and send it on server to change some parts of my web page. Is it possible in some way?