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  1. Custom tooltext not working in zoomline chart

    Hi, Can any one help me with customized tooltext.I want the tooltext to be coming as ID NAME Phone No IMAGE.jpg But instead of this am getting ID NAME Phone No IMAGE.jpg please help me on this.........for Bubble chart
  2. Hi, I am facing a problem.i need to dynamically create HlinearGauge charts based on the count of sharepaths owned by a manager(managerid field). So if there are 5 different sharepath for a particular managerid ,then there would be 5 linear gauge charts coming with 3 different colors showing the count of status(used,idle,free)spaces of the individual sharepath. So in that case i am using the setXMLData() method and passing the xml in the argument.but the color max and color min value also needs to be populated it can ber done. And Is it possible to bring legends(Datas as well as value)in Linear gauge chart????? Please suggest