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  1. Using FusionCharts XT 3.4.0 I have a page with 2 charts in separate divs - a summary chart in chartSummaryDiv and a detail chart in chartDetailDiv. The detail chart has a lot of data and is quite slow to render. So my chartDetailDiv div has the property "display:none". The idea is that when the page renders the user will see the summary chart, but the detail chart will be rendering in the invisible div while they look at the summary. There is a pull-down menu on the page to select the detail chart - this just executes a simple javascript function that sets the chartSummaryDiv to "display:none" and the chartDetailDiv to "display:block" which should hide the summary chart and reveal the already rendered detail chart. It works fine except that the detail chart isn't already rendered. The detail div displays with its default text saying the data is being rendered, and after a few seconds the detail chart appears. I've tried every combination of "display:none" and "display:block" on these 2 divs and results are always the same - neither chart is rendered while the div's display property is set to "display:none". I can imagine someone coding this might have said "there's no point rendering the chart while it isn't visible" but it seems quite unlikely. So my question is: is this is a bug or is it known behavior? If it's designed that way, is there any way to override it? Thanks.
  2. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Doesn't anyone care about all this SPAM?
  3. showShadow parameter in multiple line chart

    Thanks for your reply. I'm aware that the parameter exists and where to declare it - the issue is that it is not working as advertised. I reduced my code to the simplest testcase that would still show the problem and turns out that it's very simple to reproduce. If the last value of a dataset is blank (e.g., <set value='' /> in XLM, or { "value": "" } in JSON) then the shadow for that line will not render. You can have blank data values at the start or in the middle without affecting the shadow, but not at the end. I'm working in XML but I verified the JSON effect using your JSFiddle sample - thanks for that! So it seems to be a simple bug. Since it's not actually an XML problem, I'll re-open this in a more general forum.
  4. I know that the showShadow parameter was working at one time. I'm now using FusionCharts XT version 3.9 and it doesn't seem to be working. I understand from a previous forum post that it doesn't work on a per dataset basis but only for the whole chart, but that doesn't seem to be working either. The whole XML dataset is rather large, but this is how it starts: <chart caption='LCRD Cumulative Planned vs Actual / Projected Staffing (plan revision 8.0) - Funding = Project-only' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='9' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Cumulative Staff Years (FTEs)' rotateNames='0' showValues='0' canvasBorderColor='bbbbbb' canvasBorderThickness='1' numberPrefix='' decimalPrecision='2' bgColor='f0f0f0' bgAlpha='70' showShadow='1' animation='0' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='6' VdivLineColor='c5c5c5' VdivLineAlpha='60' showAlternateVGridColor='1' alternateVGridColor='f0f0f0' alternateVGridAlpha='60' yAxisMaxValue='70' showBorder='0' labelStep='1' plotGradientColor='' yAxisValuesPadding='5' canvasLeftMargin ='65' canvasRightMargin ='0' plotBorderThickness ='0'><categories><category label='Dec 2011' /><category label='Jan 2012'...
  5. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Thanks, Swarnam, that fixes the problem.
  6. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    After reading this I upgraded to 3.3.1 and it worked beautifully - exactly what I needed. However, when I upgraded to version 3.4 this functionality stopped working. I just upgraded to version 3.9.0 and it still doesn't appear to work. Has something changed in the API?
  7. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Beautiful - problem solved - thank you!
  8. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    This might explain it - I'm using Javascript rendering, but on version 3.2.2. Is an upgrade from 3.3.2 to 3.3.1 free? (I work for a government agency - there's no money for IT purchases in the immediate future.)
  9. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Hmmm - not working for me. Tried: <dataset seriesName='Plan (rev. 3.0)' visible='0'... <dataset seriesName='Plan (rev. 3.0)' visibility='0'... <dataset seriesName='Plan (rev. 3.0)' showValues='0'... But none of them made any difference.
  10. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    That definitely sounds hopeful - I'll give it a try - thanks for the quick reply!
  11. Hide Dataset In Chart By Default

    Follow-up question: It seems that when a chart legend item is clicked, a FusionCharts javascript function would be called to toggle the visibility of the chosen dataset. Would it be possible to tell us the API of this function (name + arguments)? If so, we could implement the requested functionality ourselves by simply calling the function for every dataset that we don't want to see by default.
  12. Labelstep (Not The Usual Problem)

    Bindhu, There is plenty of space so show the labels I want to show. FusionCharts is making an incorrect decision. It's saying: "Is there enough space to show EVERY label?" It should be saying: "Is there enough space to show the labels with showLabel=1?" This is a bug. While you are talking to the developers, please ask them why this works perfectly (the way it's supposed to) in FusionCharts free.
  13. Labelstep (Not The Usual Problem)

    Thanks for the clarification. However, I hope you realise how unsatisfactory it is. It seems that you have provided an API to allow the user to control the frequency of labels, but then you have chosen to ignore it and override the user's choices. It doesn't make any sense to me - I would still call it a bug. Why do you even have the showLabel parameter if it doesn't control whether labels are shown?
  14. Labelstep (Not The Usual Problem)

    Correct - this is what I intended. The x-axis labels are "-" characters (rotated) to mark the beginning of each month, with a month name in the middle of the month. I agree that "providing blank value in category labels and setting showLabel='1' does not make any sense", but I'm not doing that. I have showLabel='1' on the dashes, and on the month names. All other categories have showLabel='0'. The issue is that not all of the labels with showLabel='1' are being rendered. In fact most are being skipped.
  15. Labelstep (Not The Usual Problem)

    Thanks for the reply - I had missed the showLabels='0' in the chart element - unfortunately it did not make any difference. Please take a look at the attachments. Attachment 1 shows the XML data. As you can see, the first x-axis label with showLabel='1' is just a "-". The next is "Aug 09 ". Looking at the second attachment, you will see that the first label is rendered but the second is not. In fact there are 33 elements with showLabel='1', but only 6 of them are rendered. I tried this with and without labelDisplay='none', but it didn't make a difference. XML.xml ScreenHunter_3.bmp