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  1. angular gauge

    hi, Is there any provision in linear gauge to make lowerlimit as 50 and upperlimit as 0.Thanks in advance
  2. angular gauge

    thanks for your response
  3. angular gauge

    hey, i have one more question related to fusion chart angular gauge .Is there any provision to make lower limit value as 50 and upper limit value as 0.not label value we want range from 50 to 0 in
  4. angular gauge

    hello, when i am creating an html giving three angular gauge of height 200 and width 300 giving edit mode 1.dragging of dial is not user friendly .when i drag the dial it does not respond properly.sometime it does not respond at all in ipad and other your help is truly appreciated
  5. angular gauge

    hi, In angular gauge while making it editable it is not working smoothly.please suggest any attribute to make it very fast in ipad.