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  1. Updating PowerMaps data without refreshing page

    Hello. My question regards IE and map refresh. My map does refresh with firefox but not with IE. Is there something i have to set for IE to work? (ActiveScripting option is Enabled). Actually the jsp page that provides the new data is not refreshing in IE, but in firefox does. Thanks!
  2. refresh option on angular gauge

    Hello. Resolved it! It was an empty line at the end in my code that i didn't noticeit at first. Thanks for suggestions.
  3. refresh option on angular gauge

    Hello. I've mode it work with this content of .jsp page(code): &value=<%=(int)(Math.random()*100) %> Now, I have to do this update based on a value from db; tried with this code: <%@ page import="fusioncharts.util.Constants"%> <%@ page import="java.sql.Statement"%> <%@ page import="java.sql.ResultSet"%> <%@page import="java.sql.Connection"%> <% dbConn.setOracleDBPath(""); dbConn.setDbName("Oracle"); Connection conn = dbConn.getConnection(); Statement st1 = null; ResultSet rs1 = null; String strQuery = ""; int value = 0; String animateChart = ""; if (null == animateChart || animateChart.equals("")) { animateChart = "1"; } String dbName = dbConn.getDbName(); if (dbName.equals(Constants.ORACLEDB)) { strQuery = "select dt,val from view"; } try { st1 = conn.createStatement(); } catch (java.sql.SQLException e) { System.out.println(e.getMessage()); } rs1 = st1.executeQuery(strQuery); while (rs1.next()) { value = rs1.getInt("val"); } try { if (null != rs1) { rs1.close(); rs1 = null; } } catch (java.sql.SQLException e) { System.out.println("Could not close the resultset"); } try { if (null != st1) { st1.close(); st1 = null; } } catch (java.sql.SQLException e) { System.out.println("Could not close the statement"); } try { if (null != conn) { conn.close(); conn = null; } } catch (java.sql.SQLException e) { System.out.println("Could not close the connection"); } %>&value=<%=(int) value%> Does not refresh in this case.Is there another way to do this? Should I use JavaScript code? Thanks!
  4. refresh option on angular gauge

    Hello. This is my jsp page(Get_updated_cpuload_latest.jsp): <%@page import="java.util.Random"%> <% String latest_value = ""; Random rand = new Random(); latest_value = //String.valueOf(rand.nextInt(100)); "&value=" + String.valueOf(rand.nextInt(100)); %> <%=latest_value%> Is it good? Thanks!
  5. refresh option on angular gauge

    Hello. The Get_updated_cpuload_latestval.jsp returns "&value=..." result. This is my xml file gor the chart: chart upperLimit="100" lowerLimit="0" gangeScaleAngle="180" gangeStartAngle="0" numberSuffix="%25" decimalPrecision="0" baseFontSize="10" dataStreamURL="Get_updated_cpuload_latestval.jsp?lowerLimit=0%26upperLimit=100" refreshInterval="8" colorRange color minValue="0" maxValue="20" code="FF0000" borderColor="FF0000" / color minValue="20" maxValue="40" code="33CC33" borderColor="33CC33" / color minValue="40" maxValue="60" code="0000FF" borderColor="0000FF" / color minValue="60" maxValue="80" code="FF6600" borderColor="FF6600" / color minValue="80" maxValue="100" code="9966CC" borderColor="9966CC" / /colorRange dials dial value="6.5" bgColor="666666" radius="90" baseWidth="8" topWidth="2" / /dials trendpoints point displayValue="13:45:36" value="6.5" / /trendpoints /chart Is based on the doc's examples.But does not refresh. Thanks!
  6. refresh option on angular gauge

    Hello. I just start to use Fusion ch. and i've been working around with trial version from the site. I want to use the refresh option on angular gauge. Question: the dataStreamURL must return the data in "&value=..." form ? I have a JSP page as dataStreamURL that returns the result in this form but does not refresh. After showing first value the dial returns to 0 and remains there. Thanks!