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  1. Color issues when using Rounded Edges

    Thank you, how do I download the latest version? Please advise! Joel
  2. Can anyone please help? I am using the xml file below and when I try to incorporate rounded edges, the base color gets thrown off (it should be the light blue but it displays a funky red). Is there a corresponding tag that I need to set? I am using the MSCombi2D.swf object <chart caption='Sales Volume' useRoundEdges='1' PYAxisName='Revenue' SYAxisName='Quantity' showvalues='0' numberPrefix='$'> <categories><category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' /> <category label='Mar' /> <category label='Apr' /> <category label='May' /> <category label='Jun' /> <category label='Jul' /> <category label='Aug' /> <category label='Sep' /> <category label='Oct' /> <category label='Nov' /> <category label='Dec' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Revenue'> <set value='1700000' /> <set value='610000' /> <set value='1420000' /> <set value='1350000' /> <set value='2140000' /> <set value='1210000' /> <set value='1130000' /> <set value='1560000' /> <set value='2120000' /> <set value='900000' /> <set value='1320000' /> <set value='1010000' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Quantity' parentYAxis='S'> <set value='340' /> <set value='120' /> <set value='280' /> <set value='270' /> <set value='430' /> <set value='240' /> <set value='230' /> <set value='310' /> <set value='430' /> <set value='180' /> <set value='260' /> <set value='200' /> </dataset> <trendLines> <line startValue='2100000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' /> </trendLines></chart>