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  1. Hi, I have configured collabion chart with a share point 2010 form library.I want to plot a graph between department in X-axis and Title in Y axis. In the chart I am not getting value after doing group by with department field. Issue is only for this library. In log file it is mentioning the GUID error. But when I checked the GUID from library it has 32 digits log file and screen shot of chart attached. Expecting your quick reply.. ErrorLog_Collabion Chart.txt
  2. Date in Dynamic filter

    Hi, Could you please explain how to do dynamic filtering based on created date.
  3. Passing parameters to chart

    Hi Rahul, I am mapping Approved requests vs Leading time . There are more than 300 items in the x-axis. So it is showing as crowded. On chart loading I want to show filtered by current month or year. The user has to filter by monthly or yearly. Please suggest a solution. Can we restrict the count of items in the chart?
  4. Passing parameters to chart

    I have created a chart for SharePoint list. The end user wants to pass parameters to this chart and based on that the chart should be filtered. For eg. By giving from date to date or by month/year. Can we do that..?
  5. Fusion Chart Export to Excel

    I have created a fusion chart based upon a SharePoint list. Can we export this chart values to Excel ?