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  1. Grid Truncating

    I've got a Grid on my page set to a width of around 500px. There's just the two columns, label and value. The value is a single digit in most cases. The label is around 40 characters, but it's truncating down to roughly 25. Is this a setting somewhere? There's more than enough room to draw out the full labels, but I can't find any way to stop it. The JSON shows the full values, so the only other place it could be truncating is in the swf. Is suggestions?
  2. __doPostBack arguments

    Bizarre stuff. I put this line in to the PostBack: if (IsPostBack) { String sEventArguments = Request["__EVENTARGUMENT"]; pnlGrid.Controls.Clear(); pnlGrid.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(sEventArguments)); } In the drillDown javascript code, I have an alert that is firing just before it calls __doPostBack. Since that is firing, I know that javascript is being called. Furthermore, I can rename the first argument to anything else. Just "drillDown" doesn't work. In fact "drilldown" does work (all lowercase). I get this for the args: drilldown$PV$2$28 Fails in both FF and IE. At this point, I'm not really concerned since I can just rename it. But yeah, I'm left scratching my head. I'm wondering if there's something cached somewhere. Oh well.
  3. __doPostBack arguments

    Just found the following.. which is interesting. Changing the arguments to: drill$AB$3$28 works, but having drillDown$AB$3$28 does not. drillDow$AB$3$28 does. Bizarre. I've renamed it to just 'drill' and it works fine. No idea why.
  4. Hello, having a bit of a problem with the __doPostBack call. I've modified the AJAX example to allow multiple arguments to be passed by appending the args with a delimiter ($) and splitting on that: __doPostBack("control", "drillDown$1$2$3"); On the back end, I have: Int32 iDelimiter = sEventArguments.IndexOf('$'); String sArgument = sEventArguments.Substring(iDelimiter + 1); string[] args = sEventArguments.Split('$'); I can then access the individual values (1,2,3) via args[1], args[2], and args[3]. This works fine for numbers, but for some reason it is failing when I change any of the numbers to a string. For example, this fails: __doPostBack("control", "drillDown$a$2$3"); I'm not sure why it's failing and was hoping someone could point this out. I don't believe it's even calling the postback since I put a panel.Controls.Clear() call at the very top of the postback event. Works fine if I change everything to numbers. Any thoughts? I'd rather not have to retool this to work with an int.