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  1. I'm interested in using the vertical bullet chart to display only the plot (column) and the target (bar), without any of the background bands showing (the bullet chart comes with 3 shaded color range bands). I've tried adjusting the min and max values in the colorrange section, and tried setting the color to 'ffffff' to remove the background bands, but I always end up with 1 bar behind the plot. Let me know if it's possible to remove the color range bands from the bullet chart or if I need to use a different chart, etc. Thanks ~
  2. I'm new to FusionCharts, exploring the evaluation version, and have enjoyed all of the configuration options available! I've been able to use the documentation effectively to configure charts, until I started using the multi-series stack charts. I noticed that the legend appears with the name of the series, but I don't see the swatch colors next to the data series name. I thought I may have configured something incorrectly, so I went back to the sample XML provided with the documentation - I still don't see the swatch colors in the legend. I tried increasing the legend font using styles, that didn't help. See the attached XML (from the documentation) and the chart showing the swatch problem. Thanks for your help! :cool: <chart caption='Business Results 2005 v 2006' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' showValues='0' numberPrefix='$' plotGradientColor=''> <categories> <category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' /> <category label='Mar' /> <category label='Apr' /> <category label='May' /> <category label='Jun' /> <vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2'/> <category label='Jul' /> <category label='Aug' /> <category label='Sep' /> <category label='Oct' /> <category label='Nov' /> <category label='Dec' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='2006'> <set value='27400' /> <set value='29800'/> <set value='25800' /> <set value='26800' /> <set value='29600' /> <set value='32600' /> <set value='31800' /> <set value='36700' /> <set value='29700' /> <set value='31900' /> <set value='34800' /> <set value='24800' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='2005'> <set value='10000'/> <set value='11500'/> <set value='12500'/> <set value='15000'/> <set value='11000' /> <set value='9800' /> <set value='11800' /> <set value='19700' /> <set value='21700' /> <set value='21900' /> <set value='22900' /> <set value='20800' /> </dataset> <trendlines> <line startValue='26000' color='91C728' displayValue='Target' showOnTop='1'/> </trendlines> <styles> <definition> <style name='CanvasAnim' type='animation' param='_xScale' start='0' duration='1' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Canvas' styles='CanvasAnim' /> </application> </styles> </chart>