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  1. Hi, I some fusion charts in ajax update panels when we change specific fusion chart it is gettring refreshed twice. Please can some one suggest me how to deal with this. Thanks Dasu.G
  2. Hi, We have a dropdown control and a fusion chart at bottom of the dropdown .On change of dropdown fusion chart should be updated accordingly these all controls are present in one update panel. LayOutLooks like this: UpdatePanel1 Drop Down List Fusion chart which is dynamicall constructed on the basis some input critera following are the steps: 1)Construct xml file with input critera(This is working fine I have verified) 2) if (IsPostBack) { //when a ajax call is made we use RenderChartHTML method output = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("Charts/ScrollArea2D.swf", FileName, chartHolder.ID, 350,450, false, false); } else { //When the page is loaded for the first time, we call RenderChart() method to avoid IE's 'Click here to output = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/ScrollArea2D.swf", FileName, "", chartHolder.ID, GPIUIConstants.GPI_CONST_FUSIONCHARTS_WIDTH, GPIUIConstants.GPI_CONST_FUSIONCHARTS_HEIGHT, false, false); //chartHolder.InnerText = cabinetId; } chartHolder.Controls.Clear(); //Add Litaral control to Panel which adds the chart from outPut string chartHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(output)); Here chartHolder is a dynamically created div element. Problem here is when we change dropdown fusion chars are not rendered with latest data every time eventhough the file has got the latest data. Please let me know if you need more infomation regarding this. Thanks Dasu.G
  3. Hi, We are trying to add fusionion charts dynamically to dynamic div controls. But when we try to add them it was giving error loading chart. Following is the code we have used in page_load: string divName = "divJurisdictionBetsChart" + Host.ID.ToString(); string FileName = "JurisdictionBetsData" + Host.ID.ToString() + ".xml"; //string divName = "divJurisdictionBetsChart" + Host.ID.ToString(); HtmlGenericControl mynewDiv = new HtmlGenericControl("div");mynewDiv.Attributes.Add( "id", divName);mynewDiv.Attributes.Add( "class", "ChartRender");mynewDiv.InnerText = "Jurisdiction Bets Chart. "; this.Controls.Add(mynewDiv); string output = FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/ScrollStackedColumn2D.swf", FileName, "", divName, "350", "440", false, false);mynewDiv.Controls.Clear(); mynewDiv.Controls.Add( new LiteralControl(output)); Thanks Dasu.G