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  1. Ok, now I understand. I did not require the use of the '%' character for the code I mentioned. To use the '%' the way you are referring, Pallav, yes that is how I would need to use it. However, the '%' character in the code I provided above is used to encode the '&' character where by '&' --> %26. This allowed me to use the above method to put HTML in my trendlines using the dataXML method and not the dataURL method.
  2. If you want to use the dataXML method, I found that you need to URL encode the ampersand( & ) : %26lt;br%26gt; instead of: <br> It works for me, but I know that FusionCharts also does not like the '%' operator in the XML, so you may still receive an 'Invalid XML Data' error with this method. I just know it worked for me. I'm using C# with ASP.NET 2.0 and I'm randomly generating my XML as strings in the Code-Behind before I push out to the client. Hope this helps...
  3. I am using VS 2005 with ASP.NET and C#. I am building the javascript code that will render the table in the C# code behind and then placing it in a DIV in the .aspx page. When I initially load my page, the charts load fine, but if I refresh the page, or leave the page and come back to it then the charts seem to load only the text labels and nothing else. I am using the Pie3D and the Column3D .swf files. If I load the page in FireFox, then I have no such problem; it only occurs in IE. Is this a known issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am still using the evaluation package; could this cause the problem?
  4. IE Problem: Data Displayed Only Occasionally

    Ok, I believe I fixed the problem. I was using a dynamic width at the time of the chart render and IE was doing something weird with referencing height and width for the chart rendering. I gave it a static width and static height and now it renders just fine everytime. I'm not sure of all the technicalities behind why this occured, but it appears that giving the chart dynamic dimensions (i.e. Width="100%" instead of something likeWidth="250px") causes some problems with some browsers.