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  1. Hi Srividya, Thanks for the idea, and that's what we are trying to do. Because of all the advantages of client side exporting (fast, light, easy), it's really interesting to make the client side custom exporting possible. Regards, Michael
  2. Our client needs a pdf file with chart and a few description such as title, header/footer, and/or grid. Since the client side exporter is a compiled swf file without source code (we already did client side exporting), I wonder if we can add server side exporting (java) so we can reprocess the pdf stream or use some 3rd party library to add more things to the pdf. Or anyone had better idea to do this? Thanks!
  3. Back to the problem, it's caused by the DeckPanel. If anyone really like GWT and want FC come together. Don't use DeckPanel to add FusionChart as a child widget.
  4. Just for ones who try to put together GWT and FusionCharts. Don't!!!!! Don't do that if you don't want any bizarre or cross-browser issues (which you have to find out in GWT emulator and then reproduce by native javascript/css, and solve/hack it, then implement the idea in GWT/java, test it in GWT emulator, and after that you realize there is no guarantee it works for the browsers). FusionCharts is a very good charting tool. Javascript/css is where brings in all the cross-browser problems/bugs. GWT just squares all the problems you got at the client side (without GWT you probably can solve the problems one by one, browser by brower). Maybe Flex is a better option...
  5. setDataXML(External Interface) has problem with IE

    That will be excellent!
  6. setDataXML(External Interface) has problem with IE

    Hi Shamasis, The scaled down demo attached has the similar idea as the one attached earlier. Please click on the 1996 data - Quarter 1 column to drill down. The swfobject did all the magic. Hope this demo does something good:) Thanks! Michael app.zip
  7. setDataXML(External Interface) has problem with IE

    Hi Madhumita, Thank you for the reply! Absolute position does solve this simple situation, but we can not control gwt to use 'position' or 'visibility' when gwt compiles java codes to javascript/css. What I'm looking for is a better javascript solution to embed fusion chart into web page. Interestingly, I found a simple js library called swfobject(http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/). By using swfobject, fusion chart works perfectly and the IE/external interface issue gone. The thing is we built our project heavily relied on the FusionCharts.js from FusionCharts, and we had already done all the work to put fusion chart together with gwt. If we discard the FusionCharts.js file, it's really a big change to the project. Any suggestions from FusionCharts team will be appreciated.
  8. Hello All, I have reported the issue here: http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic22378-35-1.aspx Now, I reproduced the problem in a very simple situation. Unzip the file attached to a web server's doc root, access the hello.html in IE browser, click on 'Tab 1' you see 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii', click on 'Tab 2' you see the chart, and click the button 'Change Data' to change the chart data, then click on the column B to drill down to 'Tab 1', click on 'Tab 2' to go back to the chart, now, the buttons do not work, you can not change the data anymore by using setDataXML. You can see the IE js error: "Object doesn't suport this property or method". Had anyone experienced anything similar? app.zip
  9. Tried both js files. Either solves the problem. When I search around, I saw "External interface doesn't work in Internet Explorer unless you're loading the SWF during page load." (http://mihai.bazon.net/blog/flash-s-externalinterface-and-ie) That might explain why the setDataXML doesn't work when I go back to the chart(which is not loaded during page load). And, I tried with firefox, it just behaves totally different... Not sure yet how to fix it in gwt env...
  10. Hi Rajroop, I did set the registerWithJs to 1 (return new $wnd.FusionCharts("./swf/charts/" + fileName, "fc-" + id, width, height, "0", "1", "FFFFFF", "noScale", "EN", "0", "0")), however, I'm using the FusionCharts.js file shipped with the license (FusionCharts v3.1 Release: 24th February 2009), in the directory: FusionCharts_EnterpriseCodeFusionChartsFusionCharts.js The FusionCharts.js above is different from the js file used in the FC official site (http://www.fusioncharts.com/Demos/Blueprint/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js). The js file comes with license has the constructor: infosoftglobal.FusionCharts = function(swf, id, w, h, debugMode, registerWithJS, c, scaleMode, lang, detectFlashVersion, autoInstallRedirect){...} The js file from FC site: infosoftglobal.FusionCharts = function(swf, id, w, h, debugMode, registerWithJS, c, scaleMode, lang){...} There are probably some other minor difference also. Which one should I use?
  11. Hi Srividya, I tried both j- and javascript: formats. Issue still... The link itself works fine, and before invoke the link everything is good, but after click on the column link, the chart stops updating when I change some parameters. Thanks for your quick reply. Michael
  12. I'm using GWT JSNI to wrap up the FusionCharts.js, and that works well for dynamically updating chart by the setDataXML method. Everything seems good until I add the column drill down link which invokes a javascript method. The link itself also works fine, but after I click on the column link (which goes to somewhere else) and when I go back to the chart page, the setDataXML method doesn't work anymore. I'm using IE7 which gives a error: "Object doesn't suport this property or method". Did anyone experience any problem similar? The way we wrap up FusionCharts.js, private static final class FusionChart extends JavaScriptObject { public native static FusionChart create(String id, String fileName, String width, String height) /*-{ return new $wnd.FusionCharts("./swf/charts/" + fileName, "fc-" + id, width, height, "0", "1", "FFFFFF", "noScale", "EN", "0", "0"); }-*/; protected FusionChart() { } public native void render(String id) /*-{ this.render(id); }-*/; public native void setDataXML(String dataXml) /*-{ if (dataXml != null) { this.setDataXML(dataXml); } else { this.setDataXML("<chart></chart>"); } }-*/; }
  13. Well, since the SSGrid.swf has the source code, I think it's not difficult to make it exportable. (Just treat it as a normal chart) And, I just found out it's possible to export multiple charts into a single file, using the Batch Exporting. However, there is no control over the layout of exported file, sad...
  14. Hi Basundhara, One of our bussiness requirement is to export chart together with some grids/tables. My question is can FC export chart and grids/tables in one single file, and have a control over the layout? I know there is a specail chart "Grid Component" with source code:), to display chart data in a tabular format, and export the grid exactly like chart. But the grid and chart are in seperate files. Any idea to export chart and grid in a single file? Thanks! Michael
  15. Hi Madhumita, We purchased the License for FusionCharts, PowerCharts, FusionMaps, and FusionWidgets. The Exporter provided by FusionCharts is only to export and download chart as a file. I wonder if it's possible to export the charts to client's clipboard, so they can paste to somewhere (Word, Excel, ...) they want? Or basically, is that possible to do in ActionScript 3? Thanks a lot! Michael