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  1. Rotated Line Chart

    For a skill profiling application we would like to use a chart type that seems not to be available in FusionCharts, however seems to be easy to implement. All it is is a rotated standard multi series (in this case two only) line chart. Currently the best alternative to use is MSbar2D.swf but it is not as good to read as an rotated line chart. Here is a picture of what I would need: Can you supply a swf file for this? Or what do I have to do to create a chart like this? (The legend would need to be rotated also and the numbers on the rotated y-Axis. Horizontal lines for each label (skill) would be helpful.) The charts shows the skills as a label on the rotated x-ayis. The green line are the required skills for this activity. The red line are the existing skills of a person that might perform this activity. The values are numbers from 1 to 5, the higher the more/better. If the lines are matching, we have a skill match. If the red line is left from the green line the skills are not sufficient, if right they are better. The availability of such a graph would really help! Volker Gottwald
  2. Rotated Line Chart

    Is there any news on this subject? I am still in need of this type of line chart and have not found a solution to create it. If you can not do it, can I do something to get it? Thanks for a prompt reaction
  3. Rotated Line Chart

    Thanks ... You always can, but you do not want to, which I can understand
  4. Rotated Line Chart

    Any idea when and if at all you are going to implement this chart type? And if so, how do I hear about and get the swf file?