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  1. Thank you very much. Please update me once this is fixed. Thanks & Regards Satya
  2. Hi Fusion Charts Team, I am working with MSCombi2D to display Planned values (as Area Chart) and Actual Values (as Line Chart) - This works well when there are more than one data points. How ever when there is only one data point (i.e., Only one Planned value and the corresponding Actual value), the chart is not displaying properly. The actual is displaying as a Point (which is fine), but it is displayed to the left of Y axis. The planned value is not at all getting displayed (even as a point). How ever the Y Axis range is properly built. I have attached both the sample files. Can you please review this and suggest me where I went wrong? Thanks Satya MSCombi2D_1.html MSCombi2D_2.html
  3. Is it possible to display time values (in hh:mm:ss format) in y-axis of a Column / Line chart?
  4. Displaying Delta line in a 2 series line chart

    Thanks Haritha for the information. Just wanted to cross check with you, is there any way Fusion Chart exposes internal objects / DOM, so that the users can extend the functionality? Thanks Satya
  5. Hi Fusion Charts team, I have a chart which displays 2 lines - 1 for plan and 1 for actual. When ever the mouse hovers on the actual line, i want to draw a small vertical line between the two lines at that point and display the difference in planned and actual 'Y' coordinates in a tool tip. With what ever knowledge I gained from the examples, I could display the tool tip at each data point by hard coding the difference in the JSON object itself. Is there any way in Fusion Charts, to identify the X, Y values of mouse pointer when it hovers on a line chart? Also Can we get the Y coordinate of Line chart for a given 'X' ? Thanks Satya
  6. Thanks Rishab for the information. How ever while attaching the annotations, is there any way to find the 'Y' coordinates of the Color Ranges, Value dot as well as the Target Line? Since these charts are driven by Data base values, we can not fix the 'Y' coordinate of the Annotation during design time. If we can get the Y coordinates of where the color ranges are ending, we can add the annotations at those places in the JS code. Can you please guide me on this? Thanks, Satya
  7. Oops, Please ignore 4th question. (I found the properties related to fillColor and targetColor).
  8. Hi Fusion Charts team, I am working on a sample dash board and I am using a Vertical Bullet Chart. I have defined 3 colour ranges, actual and target values. Now, the Bullet chart is displaying the values on the Y axis as usual based on the tickmark settings. How ever, I wish to get rid of the values on the Y axis (which I could get by setting major and minor tick mark count to 0) and display a custom text next to each colour range. Is this possible in Fusion Charts? I have attached a sample image of what I am expecting. 1. How to add this custom text as the tick mark text? 2. Also Can we change the tool tip text of the actual value (by default the tool tip contains the value itself)? 3. "plotasdot" is making the Actual value as a 'Dot' - Similar to this, is there any way to plot it as a line? 4. Can we change the colour of the Actual Value & Target Value? Can you please guide me on these? Thanks Satya
  9. Thanks a lot Haritha for the help. Best Regards Satya
  10. Thanks a lot Haritha, I appreciate the sample code and it helped me a lot in understanding where I went wrong. I missed to measure the end time after the 'drawcomplete' of all the charts because I did not pay attention to the asynchronous loading. One question, if I measure the time taken by considering only the chart create/render statements, I could see some anamoly which I could not understand. I have slightly changed your pie.html and attached below. Can you please review and help me understanding what is happening? By any chance, is the dispose method of the charts is also asynchronus and blocking the next chart creation till dispose is over? Thanks Satya
  11. Hi FusionCharts team, Thanks for a nice JS Charting engine. I am working on some sample code with the trial version and I noticed a performance issue. Not sure whether this question can be posted in Bug reports or not. Can you please review the following (I am using latest trail version and using java script charts): - Have 10 Pie charts being fed from JSON (Sample JSON files and the web site would be a static and no server side code) - Put a button - On Click of the button, dispose the charts and recreate the charts. Observation: When the page loads for the first time in Chrome, all graphs load with in 10 milliseconds. Now click on the button the charts get redrawn (disposed and recreated). But it takes roughly 100 milliseconds (after discounting the time for disposing the individual charts). This is a 10 fold increase. All button clicks from that point on will take 100+ milliseconds to repaint the graphs. I am not sure what would be the difference between first time page load in the browser and the recreation of graphs next time in the button event handler? Ideally both should take the same time with 10-20% difference due to CPU load etc because we have already discounted the time for disposing the charts. I tried with 'not disposing' and just refreshing the charts with same JSON files and still there is no improvement. I am not sure whether I am doing any thing wrong OR is whether Fusion Charts has any issue after the page is loaded? Can you please guide me? Thanks Satya