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  1. FusionCharts printing scale problem with Flash 10

    Hi There! Is there any solution of this problem? Today I get a Update for Adobe Flash Player but the bug isn't fixed! Please tell me, if you have a solution. Our customers are not very happy about that!! Thanks, kubuntuuser
  2. window.print is printing wrong

    Hi There, I got a problem with my nice fusionchart: I have a Chart with Size of 900 x 720 px. If I want to print the Site with "window.print" the Chart is small (ca. 100 x 75px) in the corner of the page. Right click on the chart and "Print chart" prints it correctly. The problem is that I can't use this function because of other details on the page. This is because I need the window.print-Function. Do anyone has a solution? Thanks for supporting! Boris
  3. Different Colors (horizontal) in FusionWidgets v3

    Hi There, I'm sorry to reactivate this thread but the answer of my problem is a bit urgent. I really have to decline different colors in the Gantt-Chart with the same process-ID. See my problem here. Has anyone an answer? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi There, i am using FusionWidgets v3 with the "Gantt12"-Gallery. It is possible to decline different colors for the different Tasks (vertical). But is it possible to decline different colors in the horizontal line? If the processId is the same, i can't decline different colors. Thanks for the answers!