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  1. Save chart as Image to Server.

    Hi, I have tried this change, it does not help. Still getting the same message.
  2. Save chart as Image to Server.

    HI, Please see the properties file attached (File Renamed). I am using an apache-tomcat combination on a linux box. SAVEPATH=./FusionChart_Images/ = This is a folder (event specific folder) under my application root under the apache root, . Apache root : /home/insper/www/ Complete folder path : /home/insper/www/event/subDomain.Domain/FusionChart_Images Http path : http://subDomain.Domain/FusionChart_Images/ Using apache redirects in httpd.conf, so the actual internal redirection to folder is : http://subDomain.Domain/event/subDomain.Domain/FusionChart_Images/ Apache handles requests to all the files except *.jsp. jsp requests are handled by tomcat. I took all the JSP's from the ExprotHandler/JSP package and put it under my app root (app root directory for tomcat). The chart gets rendered correctly with these settings. I added the required attributes to the chart tag while forming the xml (As mentioned in the documentation). The options for saving the chart appears on right click on the chart. After I click and select the save option, the capturing status bar is seen on the chart, after some time, on the server side, I see a message saying, Server Directory not found. FC_Properties.txt
  3. HI, I am using FC v.3.1 and trying to implement the feature of saving the chart as image to the server side in my web application. We are using apache and tomcat in combination for running or web application. Using JSP to render and display the charts. I can render my charts as usual using the new v 3.1 package provided. Problem is when I try to save that image. When I right click on the chart and try to save it to the server, it shows the capturing status on the chart. After the capturing is over there is a pause of around 40-50 sec, and then I see a message in my logs. INFO: error=&statusMessage=Server Directory not found. I have created this directory and assigned all the permission to it. In the, I have given the relative path and the http path to that directory. For testing purpose, I placed a sample image in that directory and tried using it thru the http path, whcih shows up correctly. As u can see above there is not error message but only the status message. I am not able to guess what is going wrong. I have followed the documentation on the fusioncharts site carefully for the same. Any Help is appreciated. Thanks!!