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  1. We just started to change from Fusion to HighCharts cause of some flash-constraints. Yesterday we got the mail, that fusions are ipad ready and we read "Hey, you use high charts in backend". From this point of view it's perfect, but... In a demo we changed a really simple static line, stored as jpg to high charts. This was done in a very short time frame. Today we tried the same with fusions 3.s. This was much more complicated. The biggest problem was the missing auto-scaling for x-axis (or we don't find it). Assume a simple interval of time or distance. Maybe you have data at 100m, 200m and 800m. Now x should start at 0 and end at 800 (e.g.) containing 3 points joined with a line. Of course, this can be done manually, but with high charts and others this is really simple. Maybe we just don't find it. So, question 1 * How can we do auto-scaling for x-axis with flash and js The other questions * Will all of your charts be available in JS version (power and so on)? * Will HighCharts and Fusion become as close together as possible? * Which constraints exist (What works in js and not in flash, what works in flash, not in js) * Will "zoomable" be available for charts with more than one y-axis? Regards Frank
  2. Display a "Click Info"

    Yes, but the user has to know this, means he has to move the mouse over the data plots. We know lot's of them, which don't do so.
  3. Display a "Click Info"

    We just added the click action to the values. Now the problem is: "How does a user know that he can click on an element". It's not enough to place an info in the tooltip, cause the user must know that he will get one. One way can be: Place an Info in caption or sub caption. Are there other ideas to show a user that a fusion is clickable?
  4. Green colored font in Chrome under XP

    We have a strange problem. The color of caption an other text suddenly becomes green, when we display the chart with Chrome under Windows XP. In another browser it's ok and it's also ok when we use Chrome unter Mac. If we us a sample from fusion everything is fine. An example:
  5. If you have no data you just got an "do data to display". What's a common way to display an empty chart if the charts are generated dynamically. Some hints for an easy way?
  6. Changing Values at client side

    I saw as an example how to feed a fusion from client side with new XML. First it looks easy. But i'm missing details. Is it possible just to change, add or exchange some values without generating the whole XML Chart? If you have a lot's of meta information for the chart it's much more smarter just to change the values. Another thing ist the hard dependency between data and view. We love fusions but here we got in trouble. We are searching for a kind of "two way solution", that means Loading the Fusion Template without any data Feeding the template with data at client side (no realtime issue here) Regards Frank