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  1. Export to JPEG

    Hi Pallav we are planning to buy the FusionChart , But we have a requirement of exporting the chart to a pdf/excel sheet/clipart .So if we go ahead buy the software, will you be able to provide us a patch to have these functionalities after you come with a solution sooner. thanks Shailen
  2. Hi Can the charts have two y axis on the lt and rt side of the chart. thanks and regards Shailen
  3. Hi, I want the scroll chart to show the extreme right dataplots when the chart is first displayed by default.Is it possible to control the scroll chart(position of slider in the scroll bar)when the chart is displayed in the web page. The requirement is to display the recent data plots on the extreme right first and then the user can scroll left to view old data. Thanks Shailen
  4. Hi How do I make zoomin and zoomout functions for the charts.I am using the charts in a jsp -java application. Can it be done using javascript or flash. thanks Shailen