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  1. Some attributes of FusionChart?

    Dear Rajroop Thanks for your reply. About Auto break tooltip text function in V3. Below image is chart in my web. The image shown too much Character can't display all text in tooltip. Auto break function not normal working in FusionChart V3. Are there any <set> or attributes can enable for auto break?
  2. Hello All I has some attributes of FusionChart. These question I can't found in help document. Tooltip Max Character length Tooltip Text auto break in chart border FustionChart 3 ? ? FustionChart Free ? ? thank you very much
  3. Tooltip max character size

    I guess your question is chart can't display due to break mark. You can use below VB code to replace break mark in Microsoft VWD 2005. .Replace(vbCrLf, " ")