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  1. I have a map of the world with only about 20 countries highlighted and displaying values. Some of the countries are small, like Switzerland. Right now the font for the countries is showing up over top the whole map [see attachment] and it's difficult to see any of it. Is there a way to add a line--I'm thinking of the smart guides [i think] that I've used to label pie charts. I need the font to display on the initial map but I want it to show up in the white area or someplace that it's readable on the map so it's readable. Is this possible? Any suggestions
  2. Custom Category Label?

    Thank you so much! That was the perfect solution!! I couldn't find that anywhere in the documentation.
  3. Custom Category Label?

    Is there a way to add a line break to the x-axis category labels? I want to be able to control the line breaks and I have 3 separate lines: example: Second Oct-Dec. 2009 The next label is Third, then Fourth, Fifth--along with months and year. Thank you!
  4. FusionChart as image at render time

    If the image has already been generated what sort of additional code should be added so that it's displayed instead of the FusionChart? I need to find a solution for browsers that don't support flash--namely an iphone.
  5. displaying numbers on top using StackedColumn2D

    Thanks. That's almost perfect but the way my data is set up--w/ out 2 data sets per year, the alignment of the bars comes out off-center and doesn't look so good. See attachment example3. Is there anything that can be done about that?
  6. I am trying to display the datavalue numbers above the bars in my stackedcolumn chart [please see attached]. I've seen a number of posts w/ this question--and tried resizing the y-axis. I'm wondering whether it's possible to place the numbers outside a stackedcolumn chart. My chart is not really stacked, but it seemed to be the best type to use to display my data. Any ideas on this? Either placing numbers outside in StackedColumn2D or using a different type of chart? Following up on this--see example2. I created a chart using Column2D and this is almost perfect except that I'm unable to create a legend w/ this type of chart [i think]. Does anyone have any suggestions for either of these questions? Thank you!
  7. Multiple values for Counties

    I'm following up on this because I have the same question. I'd like to display multiple values for a state and I still don't understand how to do this in the xml. Can someone please help? I want to add an additional value: unemployment. Based on the FusionCharts documentation, this is what I'm doing--it doesn't work, though. Anybody know how I would code it in the xml?
  8. bold one line of font in tooltip?

    Thanks for your reply Basundhara! Can I put in a request to add that functionality somewhere down the line? It would be extremely useful for displaying date. Thanks much
  9. bold one line of font in tooltip?

    I have about 5 lines of data in my tooltip and I'd like to have the first line be bolded--is this possible? see below: tooltext='This Title Should Be Bold:{br}{br}Health: 64.3%{br}data: 3.4%{br}data: 1.2%{br}data: 7.6%{br}data: 5.7%{br}data: 17.8%'
  10. Display graphic [another fusionchart] on mouseover

    Thanks very much for the reply! Do you know how I'd go about doing that? I suppose there are probably many options. Do you think I'd want to edit the actionscript in the source file or would I add some javascript? Do you have any idea which might would be easier--or the least complicated?
  11. Hello, I'd like to replicate this kind of a chart and function using FusionCharts: When mousing over the bars, you'll see a pie chart associated w/ each bar. Can someone give me some insight into how I'd go about doing that please? Thank you!