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  1. Show path/direction in Scatter (XY Plot) Chart

    Thanks for your reply. I'll try your hack The odd thing is that if you look at (section: Using individual anchor properties on a line/area chart to highlight a data ) then it IS possible to highlight individual elements, but not when using Scatter-charts
  2. Hi We're using the Scatter (XY Plot) Chart to plot tracking of different opportunities. We track the estimated close date (X-axis) and the probability (Y-axis). Each change is plotted in the chart as a dataset with the different <set>-values and they are all connected by a line. All that is working perfectly. The issue is that we can't see where each curve starts and ends! Is it possible to put a "feather" at the first point and an "arrow" at the last point to indicate the direction? Thanks! //Casper
  3. Perfect! Thanks alot! One little extra question: Why? Why is 100% not working?
  4. Hi I've been trying to create a number of VBullet charts dynamically via JScript. A simplyfied version of the code can be seen here: function AddChart(chartInfo) { var len = $("#charts div").length; $("#charts").append('<div id="chart'+len+'" style="position:absolute; width:130px; height:100%;top:0;left:' + (130 * len) + 'px;"></div>'); var bullet = new FusionCharts("/Content/FusionChart/VBullet.swf", "bullet" + len, "120", "100%", "0", "0"); bullet.setDataXML("<chart palette='"+ len +"' caption='"+chartInfo.Caption+"' clickURL='javascript:ChangeChannel("+len+");' subcaption='Number of leads' showValue='1'><value>"+chartInfo.Value+"</value><target>"+chartInfo.Target+"</target></chart>"); bullet.setTransparent(true); bullet.render("chart" + len); }; ... AddChart({Caption: "Ch1", Target: 100, Value: 80}); AddChart({Caption: "Ch2", Target: 150, Value: 110}); AddChart({Caption: "Ch3", Target: 50, Value: 60}); AddChart({Caption: "Ch4", Target: 400, Value: 250}); In a totally random pattern the charts render. They all render in the correct order but not all of them renders the data inside. In this screenshot chart #2 and #3 are missing. If I refresh the page then some of the other are missing and in very rare cases all of them renders correctly!?! What am I doing wrong? Any hints will be highly appreciated Thanks! //Casper