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  1. Slantlabels

    I am using the latest version here is a sample of my code chart showBorder='0' palette='1' decimals='1' showvalues='0' slantLabels='1' labelDisplay='rotate' When i use that header the labels dont show up at all
  2. Slantlabels

    It says it wont show rotated labels if they are utf-8, how do i make sure my text is not utf-8?
  3. Slantlabels

    Im using fusincharts 3 in flash and when i use this XML for a chart it doesnt rotate the labels it just doesnt show them at all labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1'
  4. Chart Event Listener

    #include "com/fusioncharts/includes/LoadingFunctions.as" #include "com/fusioncharts/includes/AppMessages.as" import com.fusioncharts.core.charts.Column3DChart; import com.fusioncharts.core.charts.Pie3DChart; var objL:Object = new Object(); objL.linkClicked = function(targetObj:Object){ trace("Data belonging to " + targetObj.link + " was clicked"); } var myXML = new XML(); var myXML2 = new XML(); var myXML3 = new XML(); myXML.ignoreWhite=true; myXML2.ignoreWhite=true; myXML3.ignoreWhite=true; myXML.load("http://rrsaccess/FlashXML.aspx?MonthlyCount=8"); myXML2.load("http://rrsaccess/FlashXML.aspx?Drage=1"); myXML3.load("http://rrsaccess/FlashXML.aspx?Reconciliation=1"); myXML.onLoad = function(loaded){ if (loaded){ myXML =this; loadChart(); } } myXML2.onLoad = function(loaded){ if (loaded){ myXML2 = this; loadChart2(); } } myXML3.onLoad = function(loaded){ if (loaded){ myXML3 = this; loadChart3(); } } function loadChart(){ var chartContainerMC1:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ChartHolder1",1); var Chart1:Column3DChart = new Column3DChart(chartContainerMC1, 1, 450, 325, 20, 15, false, "EN", "noScale"); Chart1.setXMLData(myXML); Chart1.render(); Chart1.addEventListener("linkClicked", objL); stop(); } function loadChart2(){ var chartContainerMC2:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ChartHolder2",2); var Chart2:Pie3DChart = new Pie3DChart(chartContainerMC2, 1, 450, 325, 500, 15, false, "EN", "noScale"); Chart2.setXMLData(myXML2); Chart2.render(); stop(); } function loadChart3(){ var chartContainerMC3:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ChartHolder3",3); var Chart3:Column3DChart = new Column3DChart(chartContainerMC3, 1, 450, 325, 20, 400, false, "EN", "noScale"); Chart3.setXMLData(myXML3); Chart3.render(); stop(); }
  5. Chart Event Listener

    //Register the event listeners for charts chart1.addEventListener("linkClicked", objL); chart2.addEventListener("linkClicked", objL); This code is in the documentation. When i try to add an event listener in mine i get this error "There is no method with the name 'addEventListener'."