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  1. Different number of y2 values than x and y1 values.

    If people don't quite understand. Look at this http:// http://www.fusioncharts.com/Gallery/Chart.asp?mscombidy2d_6 See how there is an A, B, C... there is 1 point for everyone. All I am trying to do is make it so there are multiple points across the length of the bar, or however on A. So say 24 points(at different spots) on A the on B,, etc. thanks
  2. Hey guys I'm trying to plot say 24 y2 values but the x and y1 will have less than that. It is sort of hard to explain but I want to plot Days on x and a pallet count on y1. On y2 I'm plotting a number of ounces done in a day. So each day will have 24 plot lines on it(across a 24 hour period). So the x and y1 will have 30 days. Over those 30 days there is 24 hours in a day. So on each bar, the length of the bar represents a 24 hour period and the plots will be over the length of that bar. Also see how the bar graph doesn't display on a date that doesn't have info. It keeps the same scaling. I appreciate any help. Thanks. Basically I need this
  3. Hey guys I've been using free version of fusion charts and I like it a lot. I've decided that we need a more functioning version of fusion charts. I am trying to figure out what version to get. I am one developer in a small/medium business (300-400 employees) that needs to use fusion charts in 1 or more projects. My question to you all is if I get the user version or developer version will that give me access to all the charts and features? Note that I do not need the source for the flash files. Thanks a lot.