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  1. Drag Node Chart - Link Issue

    Thank you for the fast answer, it's all Ok now ! I searched through the docs but somehow I missed this
  2. Drag Node Chart - Link Issue

    The code is the same as in the example link from the demo site above. I will attach it also here. Thank you ! drag node links.xml
  3. Drag Node Chart - Link Issue

    Hi, I need to setup some url links in the Drag Node Chart. I check your examples e.g. , but even this does not work. I believe I'm doing something very wrong, can you help me ? Thanks in advance !
  4. Hi, I have the following problem: My chart is being refreshed every 5 sec, the chart export time is bigger then 5 sec, so I need to start / stop the refresh when the export begins/ends. I'm using server side exporting and the export is done via JS: function saveChartAsImg() { var chartObject = getChartFromId(chartId); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) { chartObject.exportChart({exportCallback : 'saveChartAsImgCallback'}); } } My XML looks has the options: "exportEnabled", "1" "exportAction", "download" "exportShowMenuItem", "0" I need the "exportAction" set to "download" but then the callback will not work anymore. What sholud I do ? Thanks in advance ! :D
  5. Highchart Issue

    Error attached. It looks like the script enters an infinite loop.
  6. Highchart Issue

    Hi, I have a small problem with the highchart feature. I attached the xml to the topic. The problem seems to be related to the big values from X axis. I'm using a Scatter chart. Please advise. test.xml
  7. Force decimals on Y axis

    Hi, I attached the XML data file and a small screen capture. Thank you ! test.xml
  8. Zoom charts

    Hi, Can someone tell me if a 'Zoom feature' will be available for the Scatter plot chart in the near future ? Thank you !
  9. Force decimals on Y axis

    The attribute "forceDecimals" is set to '1', but it seems that this affects only the values that have some decimals ( value: 5,034,044.349 is converted to 5,034,044.35 ). My problem is: for the numbers with no decimals, the extra zeros are not added. This is not so bad...but the chart looks a bit unorganized.
  10. Force decimals on Y axis

    Hello, I'm using a Scatter chart and I can't force decimals on the Y axis. I want to add the extra '000...' at the end. Now the chart shows me: "5,340,343" instead of "5,340,343.00". Each number must have 2 decimals even is they are '00', is this possible ? ( I set the attribute yAxisValueDecimals=2 ) Thank you v much !
  11. Client side export

    I made the test directly on Just right click on the chart and pick 'Save as JPEG', 2 times.
  12. Client side export

    I made a small test on client side export demo from If I export the chart 2 times, using the right click menu, the export flash component is disabled and the status is 'Waiting'. Is this the normal behavior ?
  13. X axis item labels on 2 rows

    Solved by: . Thank you !
  14. X axis item labels on 2 rows

    Hi, the link above is very useful, but my problem is simpler . I want one label for one column. The label content has a lot of chars. Label content example: 'FirstName1 LastName1 FirstName2 LastName2'. I want the label to be displayed on two rows, with the line break after 'LastName1', like: FirstName1 LastName1 FirstName2 LastName2 . If possible the label should be rotated diagonally:D. Is this possible ?
  15. Umlaut chars

    Hi again, sorry for this topic entry, I updated my version and now it works. Thank you !