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  1. Thanks Rahul! That fixed it. I had to uncheck 'Preserve Favorites website data'.
  2. My environment is a single WFE with two web applications. It had Collabion v1.1.6.0 before upgrading to v2 (Beta). After upgrading to v2 (Beta), charts on one web application seems to be working ok, while on the other it is not. The chart web parts built using v1.1.6 aren't working properly in one web application, after upgrading to v2 (Beta). I had to click on 'Edit Charts' and 'Finish' it to display the chart everytime I open the page. Also, I see a drastic difference in the configuration parameters between the problematic and properly working charts. Following are the screenshots. Screenshot 1: (Properly working Web Part in Web Application 1) Screenshot 2: (Problematic Web Part in Web Application 2) Hope this helps you in troubleshooting this issue. Thanks, Krishnan.
  3. Rahul, I happened to see your reply just now. Today, I got the link for the beta version. Thanks for sending it. I have problems in configuring it and I will start a separate thread. Thanks, Krishnan.
  4. Rahul, has the next version been released yet? I am looking at the version history and the current version still stands at v1.1.6.0.
  5. Hi Rahul, thanks for the prompt reply. I am looking forward to demo Collabion charts to a team here, with this 1-to-M filter feature.
  6. Hi Diptarag, Can you please let me know when the next version with One-to-Many webpart filter connectivity will be released? October is gone. I am seriously looking for this feature. Thanks!