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  1. Is is possible to add annotations to a X-Y scatter chart? This is the same as the annotations feature in FusionGadgets. If this feature is not available then it should be added.
  2. I would like to have a X-Y scatter chart that can receive live updates similar to the data streaming charts. I suppose I could do this with the regular X-Y scatter chart and would have to reload the chart every time I want an update but a live update would be better. Any plans for this?
  3. I want to build a line chart and specify the yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue explicitly. There may be times when some of my data set values are outside of that range - ie) values are greater than the yAxisMaxValue or less than the yAxisMinValue. Even though the values are outside of the range I still want to display the chart without it automatically rescaling. For example, if there is a data value less than yAxisMinValue, the chart automatically rescales so that the yAxisMinValue = 0. Is there a way to stop it from automatically rescaling?
  4. It would be nice if the vertical gridlines could scroll with the data. For example, when showing time based data I want to have a grid line every ten minutes however I have data points every minute. I put an X data label every ten minutes to match the grid lines. When I refresh the data, the X data labels scroll however the grid lines remain static.