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  1. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hello, I have included both FusionChart.js and FusionChartExportComponent.js already still i am facing the same error. Also the sample you have suggested for me to export ie., the Fusion Chart Export component zip is not working, after clicking export chart button it is capturing the image and showing save button, but when i click that save button nothing happens. So only i asked whether any other file is necessary or internet connection is necessary. Please help me i am struggling with this for more than 10 days. Regards, Siva Sankari.
  2. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hello Raj, I have already tried with this sample only. After your reply i tried again with this sample but same error i am getting. Do this need any file to include other than FusionChartExportComponent.js or any other dll. Please help me i am really struggling. Regards, Siva Sankari.
  3. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hello Shamasis, I have included like that only. But still i am getting the error of FusionChartExportObjects not found. Can you please provide me a whole sample code to export fusion chart as pdf. Regards, Siva Sankari.
  4. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hai Raj, Thanks for your patience too. Kindly look into this matter as soon as possible you can. regards, Siva Sankari
  5. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hello Raj, I have added the "FusionChartExportComponent.js" file provided in your folder. But not found any "FusionChartExportObjects.js". Tell me what i need to do please..... Regards Siva Sankari
  6. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hello Raj, I have tried many times and also i have included the swf file path correctly. Because i've tried this for more than three days and i'm getting the same error :crying: . Could you please provide me any sample please.........that would be helpful. Regards and Thanks in advance, Siva Sankari.
  7. How to Export Fusion Chart as PDF?

    Hi all, Can any one please help me................................... I'm unable to export fusion chart. I've followed the steps provided in to export the chart. But i'm getting the script error of "FusionChartsObject not found. Verify script inclusions'. Can any one provide me with sample to do exporting. Siva Sankari Software Developer