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  1. Hi! Well... I mean changing something parameterized through the tag "chart"... But ok, this can only be done using the source code. Is there a tutorial talking about "customizing charts using the source code"? Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I'm testing the drag-node chart but I have found some problems... I created a node like this: I put alpha='0' because I don't wanna show a shape, only an image. But, it's strange... Take a look at the image below. If a change the image's height, the text is cut. So I can't set the image to the same size of the "set" because the text disappear. Is it a bug? Is there any workaround to this? Thanks!
  3. Hi there! Where can I change the "Add a Node" window in the Drag-node Chart? I don't wanna show all that options to the users... Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Is there any way to change the labels "Add a Node", "Add Conector" in the Drag-node Chart? I wanna internationalize this menu... Thanks!