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  1. Angular Gauge not visible

    hi debhasish, I am using 3, yes string is declared in script perfectly. though i have some other components also. may be some other problem due to those comopenents. i cannot post whole code here. security issues would be more than happy if you could help off the forum. thanks. Hi, Its worked here perfectly. Which version of Flex Builder are u using - 2 / 3 / 4 ? Check whether string data (_xml2) declared in 'Script' block () or not ? If error persist, supply the entire .mxml. Thanks, Debasish.
  2. Angular Gauge not visible

    i am a newbie. I am trying to implement basic fusionwidgets angular gauge like below: but its not displayed. please help. mxml snippet:: xmlns:ns1="com.fusionwidgets.components.*" XML Data:: [bindable] private var _xml2:String="" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +"" +""; att.txt