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  1. Hi, Is there a commercial version of FusionChart XT? We have the licence but the latest commercial version that is available is 3.2.1. Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Hi, I have the same problem after upgrade to version 3.2 (draw chart using php class and cannot get chart object using javaScript - tried to use old getChartFromId('ID') and new FusionCharts('ID') , FusionCharts.items['ID']) - can you fix that please? Thanks in advance Rafal
  3. Hi, I'm using Charts,Powercharts Maps and Widgets on one web page (kind of dashboard). I want to migrate to latest version of Charts and PowerCharts (3.2) - I've downloaded latest code and noticed that FusionCharts.js is different for Charts and PowerCharts - which one should I use? Is it possible to integrate FuisonCharts/PowerCharts version 3.2 and Widgets,Maps in version 3.1 on single web page. What approach do you suggest? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering, is there any way of get chart scale (yAxisMaxValue) when you dont speciffy that property while creating chart (in case when fusion chart automatically fit scale to chart values). I have few charts on one screen and want to have button to equalize all scales (pick the biggest value of scale applied to charts and than change all scales using that value). I know I can go through xml of each chart and pick the maximum value but that value is not the same as "yAxisMaxValue" generated by FusionCharts (that value is bigger) and there is also problem with stacked charts. Is there any simpler way of doing it - maybe some hidden chart property - I assuming FusionChart code must store somewhere information about generated chart scale. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Hi, That update did a job:) Thanks for reply. Rafal
  6. Just to be clear the core problem is: when a cart is displayed using renderChartFromExtXML($strXML,true); the FC_Rendered returns null as the chart DOMId . (When I tried to display the chart using renderChartFromExtXML($strXML,false); the FC_Rendered returns the correct value for chart DOMId.)
  7. Hi, I'm using function renderChartFromExtXML(string $dataXML, [boolean $renderAsHTML]) to draw charts on page. When I set second parameter to 'true' there is a problem with function FC_Rendered(DOMId) - DOMId is null. Example: function FC_Rendered(DOMId){ alert(DOMId); } $FC = new FusionCharts($swf,$width,$height,$chartId,true); ... //For that code alert null as a DOMId after chart rendered. $FC->renderChartFromExtXML($strXML,true); If second parameter is set to 'false' function FC_Rendered(DOMId) works fine - DOMId is correct, but I cannot use that mode in AJAX call. Example: function FC_Rendered(DOMId){ alert(DOMId); } $FC = new FusionCharts($swf,$width,$height,$chartId,true); ... //For that code function FC_Rendered alert correct DOMId after chart rendered. $FC->renderChartFromExtXML($strXML,true); Is there any way to make function FC_Rendered(DOMId) work when renderAsHTML in renderChartFromExtXML is set to true? Thanks for any help Rafal
  8. I foud solution :hehe: Instead of putting id of charts in sourceChart array (like in documentation) I put there chart objects; like below for(var i=0; i<30; i++){ if (getChartFromId('chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i)) { if (getChartFromId('chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i).hasRendered()) { //Code that works on IE and FF tmp = getChartFromId('chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i); //code that doesn't work on Fire Fox but works on IE //tmp = 'chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i chartArray.push(tmp); } } } exportComponent.sourceCharts=chartArray; exportComponent.BeginExport(); IT WORKS:)
  9. In my case there is no scrollbar on the chart page. Every charts are "visible".
  10. I have few charts on page. I want to export few of them. That is my code : //Function that creates element to save chart as an image or in PDF format function createChartExportElement(){ //Create dragable box printDragableBox('fcexpDiv','Save chart',0,100,100,410,0); //Render the export component in dragable box var myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcExporter1", "/charts/FusionCharts/FCExporter.swf",{defaultExportFormat: 'pdf'}); //Set configuration //Full Mode myExportComponent.debugMode = true; myExportComponent.checkFlashVersion = true; myExportComponent.sourceCharts = ['chart_tab0pan1', 'chart_tab0pan2', 'chart_tab0pan3']; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.fullMode = '1'; //Set saving type to individual myExportComponent.componentAttributes.saveMode = 'both'; //Show allowed export format drop-down myExportComponent.componentAttributes.showAllowedTypes = '1'; //Width and height myExportComponent.componentAttributes.width = '400'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.height = '300'; //Message - caption of export component myExportComponent.componentAttributes.showMessage = '1'; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.message = ' '; myExportComponent.componentAttributes.saveAllPanelCaption = 'Save all charts in a single file'; //Render the exporter SWF in our DIV fcexpDiv myExportComponent.Render("fcexpDiv"); return myExportComponent; } //Code that export charts var exportComponent =createChartExportElement(); var chartArray=new Array(); var tabNumber=document.getElementById('actualTabNumber').value; for(var i=0; i<30; i++){ if (getChartFromId('chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i)) { if (getChartFromId('chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i).hasRendered()) { tmp = 'chart_tab' + tabNumber + 'pan' + i; chartArray.push(tmp); } } } exportComponent.sourceCharts=chartArray; exportComponent.BeginExport(); It works fine in IE 7/8 but doesn't work in Fire Fox (version 3.5.2):w00t: I'm getting js error message Error 10902092026. Error with internal FusionCharts object. Review parameters. Refer to documentation. That means (according documentation) that chart ids are wrong or chart hasn't render yet but they are definitely OK. I will be grateful for any help.