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  1. Font Families

    Is the font family "Roboto" supported?
  2. Hi Is it possible or has anyone ever removed category data similar to how they remove data dynamically in this example: http://www.fusioncharts.com/explore/client-side-data-update/ Instead of removing a whole dataset I would like to remove just one category and value with javascript Thanks
  3. I am going with option b exporting the chart to both server and client side and while exporting the chart gets re-renderd and which is why the exporting functionality does not work? Is there a way to export both server and client side without re rendering the chart??
  4. Is it possible to allow an export server side and client side without re rendering the chart. I need to give the user the option to render the chart client side or server side and when I re render the chart it doesnt seem to work.
  5. Importing Data From Excel Into Xml Document

    I have looked in the "SWFObject.js" file. Can you tell me where it does the conversion from pasting in excel text to converting to xml in that file?? I do not see it.
  6. View the code for the xmlgenerator

    I have downloaded it. There is nothing really in that folder other than the xmlgen.swf which doesnt help because it is a flash file and the swfobject.js which doesn't really do anything. I would like to just see how you convert from pasting in excel and converting to fusionchart xml through the xml generator utility?
  7. Importing Data From Excel Into Xml Document

    Is there anyway to view the code for the xmlgenerator after we buy the license? I would like to expand on it a little bit.
  8. Is there anyway we can view the code used to do the conversion from excel grid to chart data in the XML generator Utility. I am building an application and would like leverage that.
  9. Xml Generator Not Working

    I am having the same issue as the person above. Did this ever get solved??
  10. Is Fusinmaps responsive to window resizing

    Works great on chrome however doesnt seem to be working with IE 8. Is it not compatiable?
  11. Is Fusinmaps responsive to window resizing

    So not the entire width of the page but resize the mapdiv to fit the browser....I still have to display my header and footer on the page along with the map
  12. Is Fusinmaps responsive to window resizing

    Well it is not the only thing on the page. But yes very similar to how that chart is getting resized. How can I do it?
  13. Is Fusinmaps responsive to window resizing

    Hi there, The map will be inside a div on the page. Here is an example of some code: <div id="mapdiv"> FusionMaps.</div> <script type="text/javascript"> var map = new FusionCharts("../flash/FCMap_World8.swf", "Map1Id", "100%", "100%", "0", "0"); map.setDataURL("../flash/data.xml"); map.render("mapdiv"); </script>
  14. I have a map with the width and height set to 100% however when I resize the screen the map does not change size like it should. Is fusionmaps responsive to window resizing ?? How is this done?
  15. Display a list of entities next to map

    The map will still be displayed just with the list next to it