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  1. hello when i click right button of mouse on fusion chart, popup menu appear on fusion chart. this popup menu has print chart, about fusion chart,... i want to set disable print chart or not to appear print chart in popup menu or not to appear popup menu
  2. is it imposible that i write multi line in headertext area in gantt i hope that i use multi line in header as follow Type of a Ship(223,19,9000) Feb SN00189 gantt graph area
  3. hello although infosoft offer documentation about fusionwidget me, sometimes, i need to know more property which is not shown in doucumnetion. where can i find all property in fusionwidgets and fusion chart i have enterprise lincense of fusionwidget and fusion chart.
  4. no display yAxisName in my web page

    thank you i sove the problem due to you
  5. no display yAxisName in my web page

    Hello Nowdays, I'm ready for new project for my company. i must use fusion chart because of my boss's command. fusion chart support utf-8 for country which don't use english. unfortunately, i met problem although i use utf-8. yAxisName wasn't displyed in my website as follow caption and xAxisName were well displayed. plz. solve this problem. We bought fusionchart and fusiongauget (enterprise license) and we plan to buy fusionmaps. I hope this problem must be solved for japan, korea, china developer.