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    This is very bad..... till now no response from FusionChart member..... Is there any1 to respond me..????
  3. Welcome To Fusioncharts Forum

    Hi I am new to this forum... We are using fusion charts in our android application demo project. in my application I am using 9 webview's to show fusion charts using viewpager feature in android. chart's are loading but it takes nearly 2 min's, even single FusinChart takes min. 35 sec. Its a dead slow. Need it must be loaded max 5 sec. Can you help me on this, and also I wanted to know is there any other separate API for android mobiles. Is there any other can you suggest??? and also had look on your .apk file which is using phonegab but that was not loading chart's I tried with different real devices and avd. Do I really need phonegab to load fusionchart's on my android mobile!!??? kindly respond me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.