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  1. On DataLoadError do not render chart

    Well, Duh. That's why I wrote to you...to see if you had other suggestions, not to tell me it won't work...I already know that!
  2. On DataLoadError do not render chart

    Trying to do something simple: If there is a dataloaderror then don't render the chart. Something like: function FC_DataLoadError(DOMId){ if (DOMId=="chart1Id"){ //don't render else //render The end result should be an empty DIV when there is an error and a chart rendered in the DIV when everything is good. I'm no javascript jockey but it looks to me that the chart has to render before the dataload error function can be called. When it renders, the flash movie with the "data load error" is displayed and takes up a 300px X 250px space. I want there to be nothing in the div on error if possible. Thanks!