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  1. Xformatnumberscale On Scatter.

    Hi, in 3.2.2 it says that you can now use xFormatNumberScale or yFormatNumberScale for specific axis. I have given this ago but it seems to work on the correct axis but the calculations are not being performed. JSON Data. { "chart": { "xFormatNumberScale":"1","xDefaultNumberScale":"bits","xNumberScaleValue":"8,1024,1024,1024,1024","xNumberScaleUnit":"bytes,KB,MB,GB,TB", "bgColor":"FFFFFF", "canvasBgColor":"FFFFFF", "showBorder":"0", "bgImage":"/images/background_logo3.png", "bgImageScale":"50", "yaxisname": "CPU %","yaxisminvalue": "0","yaxismaxvalue": "100", "xaxisname": "http:client-bytes", "showlegend": "1", "shownames": "1", "drawQuadrant": "1", "quadrantLabelTR":"High CPU / High Bytes", "quadrantLabelTL":"High CPU / Low Bytes", "quadrantYVal":"70", "xaxismaxvalue": "4976000000", "quadrantXVal": "4976000000", "quadrantLineThickness": "1","quadrantLineColor":"3300ff" }, "dataset": [ { "id": "DS1", "seriesname": "test1", "plotborderthickness": "0", "showplotborder": "1", "color": "003300", "data": [ { "x": "5909", "y": "60" },{ "x": "4383", "y": "62" },{ "x": "4308", "y": "63" } ] }, { "id": "DS2", "seriesname": "test2", "plotborderthickness": "0", "showplotborder": "1", "color": "0066cc", "data": [ { "x": "175476", "y": "20" },{ "x": "117377", "y": "19" },{ "x": "119140", "y": "20" } ] }, { "id": "DS3", "seriesname": "test", "plotborderthickness": "0", "showplotborder": "1", "color": "0066cc", "data": [ { "x": "19767633333", "y": "27" } ] } ] } Script Code : <div id="d_sizingGuide1" style="float: left;"></div> <script> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/charts/Scatter.swf", "sizingGuide", "750", "250", "0", "1"); chart1.setJSONUrl("/chartData/chartData.php?pageData=sizingData"); chart1.render("d_sizingGuide1"); </script> Working Display but both axis are converted. "FormatNumberScale":"1","DefaultNumberScale":"bits","NumberScaleValue":"8,1024,1024,1024,1024","NumberScaleUnit":"bytes,KB,MB,GB,TB", thanks G.
  2. Highcharts Graph Zoom

    Hi, I was asked to have a look at Hightcharts for the HTML5 functions and as you are working with them to convert the fusion charts to html5 this was a great step forward. One thing I was wondering if you are looking at is in Highcharts you can zoom in on any chart. As this is already in HC are you planning on putting this into the conversion process. thanks G.
  3. Zoomline

    thanks for the spam
  4. Zoomline

    1 other thing to add is that is there any change to add a 2nd axis to this graph. I current use the "ScrollCombiDY2D" with the scroll bar and have cpu/memory in the 2nd axis 0 - 100 and data in the 1st. The zoom is perfect but I loose the 2nd axis. thanks G.
  5. Zoomline

    Hi, 1st off thanks for the update, i have missed the ability to toggle the legend show feature and the zoom. So great work one and all. 2nd , had to make a small change to the FusionCharts-Gen.php and added the following to get the zoomline graph to work. Not sure if series type 2 is the correct place so just need confirmation. $this->chartSWF['zoomline'][0]="ZoomLine"; $this->chartSWF['zoomline'][1]=2; Any way thanks again guys. G.
  6. Hi Shamasis, thanks for the info. I tried the update but I kept on getting error but will continue to play Error: data is undefined Source File: /js/jquery.fusioncharts.debug.js Line: 1335 $('button').click(function(){ $.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "xmlData"}, function(xmldata) { $('#myChartContainer').updateFusionCharts({ data: xmldata.xmldata }) }, 'json'); });[/cpde] FusionCharts: @version: 1.0.0b2 (build: 108) Jquery : 1.4.1
  7. i think its the xml data that is wrong, i change the code to json. $.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "testdata" }, function(xmldata) { $('#myChartContainer').insertFusionCharts({ data: xmldata.xmldata }) }, 'json'); and the testdata file to $update["xmldata"] = " < graph caption='Pie Chart' decimalPrecision='0' showPercentageValues='0' showNames='1' numberPrefix='$' showValues='1' showPercentageInLabel='0' pieYScale='45' pieBorderAlpha='40' pieFillAlpha='70' pieSliceDepth='15' pieRadius='100' > < set value='25' name='Item A' color='6666FF' / > < set value='17' name='Item B' color='AD33FF' / > < set value='23' name='Item C' color='19A3D1' / > < set value='65' name='Item D' color='FFCC66' /> < /graph > "; echo json_encode($update); the only down side is that I have to set these all the time. $.FusionCharts.config.extend( { product: 'v3', className: 'myCharts', type: 'Pie3D', swfPath: '/MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/', dataFormat: 'XMLData', width: '400', height: '300' });
  8. Hi, I have finaly got around to playing with jquery plugin and was wondering if this is possible yet. I want to update a graph data using a button (test purpose) knowing that the data has been altered. < div id='quickgraph' > < button >load data< /button > < div id="myChartContainer" >Loading FusionCharts!< /div > < script type="text/javascript" > $("button").click(function () { $.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "testdata" }, function(xmldata) { $('#myChartContainer').insertFusionCharts({ data: xmldata }) }, 'xml'); }); $.FusionCharts.config.extend( { product: 'v3', swfPath: '/MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/' }); $('#myChartContainer').insertFusionCharts({ type: "Pie3D", data: "", dataFormat: "XMLData", width: "400", height: "300" }); < /script > < /div > What I see is The file is called as an XML file GET 200 text/xml the "testdata" file contains the xml data. < graph caption="Pie Chart" decimalPrecision="0" showPercentageValues="0" showNames="1" numberPrefix="$" showValues="1" showPercentageInLabel="0" pieYScale="45" pieBorderAlpha="40" pieFillAlpha="70" pieSliceDepth="15" pieRadius="100" > < set value="25" name="Item A" color="6666FF"/ > < set value="17" name="Item B" color="AD33FF"/ > < set value="23" name="Item C" color="19A3D1"/ > < set value="65" name="Item D" color="FFCC66"/ > < /graph > The Default graph called GET (Cache) application/x-shockwave-flash attempt to get a file that does not exist. GET 404 text/html (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) the restult is a failure. I have also tried the append/prepend. thanks G.
  9. Hi just a quick thanks for this great addition, I use jquery alot with fusion charts so know I have the best of both worlds.
  10. Logarithmic and Bytes scale

    Hi Guys, here is the output from the debug and screen shot. Hopefully its just me making a silly mistake G. datadebug.txt
  11. Logarithmic and Bytes scale

    Hi Basundhara , there is no error the graph works but it looks like it just ignores the paramaters. File is : LogMSLine.swf everything below works fine apart from the defaultnumberscale line. $strXML = " defaultNumberScale='bytes' numberScaleValue='1024,1024,1024,1024' numberScaleUnit='KB,MB,GB,TB' legendPosition='right' caption='".$headTitle."' showValues='0' showExportDataMenuItem='1' exportEnabled='1' exportHandler='/MyFCPHPClassCharts/PHP/FCExporter.php' exportAction='download' showMinorDivLineValues='1' yAxisValuesStep='3' numMinorDivLines='2' bgColor='#FFFFFF' showBorder='1' borderAlpha='20' logoURL='/images/half_logo.png' logoAlpha='20' logoScale='75'>"; thanks Gary
  12. Hi all, I use the following on basic graphs which works a treat. chart defaultNumberScale='bits' numberScaleValue='8,1024,1024,1024,1024' numberScaleUnit='bytes,KB,MB,GB,TB' But for some reason the Logarithmic is does not work. Should it work or is it not a feature. Thanks G.
  13. slant axis font

    Hi, the issue for me is just the quality of the slant text. I have attached a comparison of the differance of the images and the XML that makes up the graph. best Regards Gary testfile.txt
  14. slant axis font

    Hi, I am trying to use the slant axis but the font is coming out strange. I am migrating the graphs over from a free swf graph which shows the axis clearly. I am using style name='myDatalabels' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' color='000000' but get the following Thanks G.
  15. PHP Class

    No problems, thanks for the quick reply. G.