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  1. Hi, Happy Holidays. I am wish to develop a database in FileMaker Pro Advance, I have just downloaded FusionCharts so Iam new to FusionCharts, how i can integrate fusioncharts in FileMaker? Thanks. Salman Maidan
  2. Hi All, I am puzzled, I am charting for 3 different fields with MS, the charting for one of the fields works perfectly but the other two don't even though the script is identical with the write corrections for the fields obviously. What I get istead of the chart is this: "This text will be replaced by the chart. If you do not see the chart, make sure that: You've Flash Player 8 (or above) installed for this browser. If not, you may install it for FREE from The FusionCharts URL (Querystring) built by your FileMaker code is correct. If not, use the FusionCharts debugger to debug it. You've JavaScript enabled for your browser." I have flash player 10.1, Java is enabled but the debugger I am not sure I fully understand. I am using WinXp, FMP 11, and Google Chrome. Thanks