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  1. Hello, I am currently evaluating your product and am very close to purchasing the license for it. Very impressive so far I must say :-) Quick question, and I do apologize if I missed this somewhere in the documentation or another post. I am using JavaScript to create 2 charts in my page. I am getting an "out of memory" error if I set the registerWithJS flag to "1" on BOTH charts and I getting this error ONLY if the page is refreshed, or unloaded in someway. Initial load works fine. This is important to me because I have the need to dynamically change both charts client side. If I set the registerWithJS flag to "1" for one chart, and "0" for the other one, all is well. Only when I set both flags to "1" do I see this problem. Thank you in advance, Bobby
  2. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Pallav, Yes I did download FusionCharts v3.0.4 so that is current. The fusionCharts.js file that I have is 10.3K and was last modified June 29, 2007. Is this correct or is their a new version of that file? Bobby
  3. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Hi, Thought I would post this code... Even with something as simple as this... <html> <head> <title>Example Charting</title> <script src="fusionCharts/fusionCharts.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="piechartdiv" align="center">Loading bar chart...</div> <div id="piechartdiv2" align="center">Loading bar chart...</div> </body> <script> var myPieChart = new FusionCharts("fusionCharts/Column3d.swf", "myPieChartId", "600", "300", "0", "1"); myPieChart.setDataXML("<chart></chart>"); myPieChart.render("piechartdiv") var myNumbersPieChart = new FusionCharts("fusionCharts/MSColumn3d.swf", "myNumbersPieChartId", "600", "300", "0", "1"); myNumbersPieChart.setDataXML("<chart></chart>"); myNumbersPieChart.render("piechartdiv2") </script> </html> ... I receive the error. Again to clarify, the page loads the first time just fine. However, any "unload" event (refreshing window, closing window, going to a different site, etc) will fire the "out of memory at line: xx" error. And this is only when both registerWithJs flags are set to "1". If one is set to "1" and the other is set to "0", I will not receive this error. thanks! Bobby
  4. Out of memory error multiple charts

    Hi Pallav, Thank you for replying. Yes both charts have different chart IDs Yes both charts have different DIV Ids Yes both charts have different variable names I am only including FusionCharts.js once in the page I have not seen any simple examples of having multiple charts being able to interact wtih javaScript. Not sure what else to do/try. thanks Bobby