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  1. My problem is when I view page source, I have all data in page source. It looks something like this var chart_investChart = new FusionCharts("/charts/line.swf", "investChart", "460", "330", "0", "0", "", "noScale", "EN" )anchorRadius='3' caption='Allianz Best Invest' yAxisName='Vrijednost (EUR)' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' inDecimalSeparator=',' inThousandSeparator='.' decimalSeparator=',' formatNumberScale='0' decimals='4' setAdaptiveYMin='1' labelStep='9' showValues='0'> In my first page I didn't have that problem. I thinck that only difference is in my first page I did charting this way <%=GetFactorySummaryChartHtml()%> and on thi page I did it code behind ispisGrafa.Text = GetFactorySummaryChartHtml(prod, d1, dateTo, prodType, trancheId, ddProizvod.SelectedItem.Text); < asp: Literal ID="ispisGrafa" runat="server">< /asp:Literal> Allso in this one I am using ajax I have graf but I dont want for all data to bee seend in source like in first pge
  2. I have problem with to many significant numbers shown on graph. I am wondering can it be somehow to set graph to show only fix number of dots. I what I want to get and this is what I have Can this be only done trough c# or is there some setting that allows me for example to show every 5 or 10 value Or for example I want to have only 30 dots on graph