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  1. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Basundhara India is magic place and is creating miracles! Recently I watched "slumdog millionnaire",it is very attractive. Great!
  2. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Rajroop You and Basundhara are the MVPs in my mind. I hope I can fly to USA to see you two some day!
  3. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Basundhara This functionality count on you. I will trouble your team some day! You should be stick-to-itive.
  4. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Hi Shamasis I have never intended to lament Rajroop. Actually I appreciate Rajroop very much for his enthusiastic help! By the way,your link "I love you in any case" can not open.
  5. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Basundhara Ghosal Whatever,thank you for your effort!I hope the next edition will have this functionality! You are distinguished.
  6. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Basundhara Ghosal How to achieve that the cross-line appear when the cursor move to the data point and the cross-line disappear when the cursor move off the data point ? Can you find means?
  7. How to add cross-line in MSLine.swf?

    Dear Basundhara Ghosal Thank your for your attention! You are warm-hearted and your response is very quick ! I will try your solution and reply you later.
  8. Hi team I want to add cross-line in MSLine.swf just as below: Can anybody help me? Wish you all the best!
  9. Dear Rajroop I should say sorry for not contact with you for period of time! I have not noticed your reply until this morning because your reply come to page 2! I will meet you some day. Regards , Alex
  10. Dear srividya Thank you for seeing for Rajroop from me! I am afraid I can't put forward so many deep questions ! Dear Madhumita Can you send your example of scroll bar to me? Dear Rajroop Glad to see you ! I will stand a dinner for you ! Regards,
  11. Dear Basundhara If the Legend position is at BOTTOM it will be handsome. Dear Madhumita When I have 35 legend entities, the legend scroll bar does not come into play. The legends get displayed in four different lines! Could you tell me to set which attribute to let the legend scroll bar come into play? By the way,has Rajroop Bhaduri left for other department? Please send my regards to him!I will miss him. Regards,
  12. Dear Basundhara In fact ,the number of my legends could increase to 35. It'll totally depend on how many series the user select. These 35 legends could not display in the same straight line even though I increase the width of the chart.:hehe: Could you find other means? Regards,
  13. Dear Basundhara Ghosal Thank you for your advice! It works. The version of my IE is 7.0.5730.13. You are warmhearted!
  14. If the elements of the legend broke up into 2 lines.For example, in the attached image,the elements of the legend align center! How to make the elements align left? Can anybody help me?
  15. Dear Rajroop Thank you very much! I use <set value='245' link='JavaScript:myJS(%26apos;245%26apos;)' /> and it is working. <set value='245' link='JavaScript:myJS(245)' /> can not work because my IE has caught virus. I have another find that when I use FusionChartsRenderer.jsp in EXT project error 80020101 occurs. It is because of the HTML comment tag <!-- Finally, render the chart.-->. window.execScript in IE fails when scripts include HTML comment tag.