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  1. Hi, Here is a brief schema from a SharePoint list I am trying to create a chart based on: Name (text) Date (Date/Time) Status (choice) Cost (Currency) I am trying to create a 2D 2-Y combination graph. This is causing me 4 problems I hope you can assist with: 1) On the X axis, I need to display every month in a specific range (i.e July'13 to Jun'15), even if there aren't any values in the the list for that month. 2) On the primary Y axis, I need to have the *cumulative* count of each record that has the date in that month or prior (i.e., 3 records have a date in July'13, 2 records have a date in Aug'13, so July'13 will show 3, and Aug'13 will show 5) as a line that will keep increasing. 3) On the secondary Y axes, I need to have the *cumulative* sum of each record's Cost column that has a date for that month or prior (similar to 2)) as a line. At the moment I can't seem to accomplish none of those 3. I would also like to have a cumulative shaded area based on the values in another list (month (Date/Time) and estimate (number)), but not sure if this is entirely possible to use more than one list in Collabion? Thank you, Darren Goodair