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  1. Hi, Can we export chart to excel. i went through the documentation,it is possible in image save or pdf. i want to save image to excel file and it shuld prompt for save,open options. Please let me know how to achive it. i am using jsp.
  2. Hi Sanjukta Mukherjee, I don't need horigantal scroll of now chart is displaying 4 lines of legends with vertical scroll bar and i want the legends in 2 lines with same vertical scroll bar. Please anybody help me on this as the report is very critical for me. Thanks, Anila
  3. Hi Rajroop, i added the xml.Please have a look at it let me know how to solve the prob.. Thanks in advance, Anila
  4. I am using multi series 3d graph in my project. and i have 16 to 30 legends. and chart is displaying then in 4 lines with scrollbar. it is eating my original graph size. I want legends in 2 lines with scroll bar. Please help me out in how to fix this .... test.bmp test.xml
  5. Hi, can any body guide me how to export chart as pdf or jpeg images. i read document,but i did nt get steps to invoke. please explain step by step,i am using java,jsp. Thanks,
  6. Drill down in map.

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. wat i am asking was in fusioncharts i prepared data and passed to createChart() which in jsp. but what ever i want to develope map wth zooming sub window,here they are generating chart in js with static data. but i dnt wan to pass data tp js. wat can i do to achive this wth out passing data to js shall i prepare chrt in java code and paass it.
  7. Drill down in map.

    Hi, one more doubt i have. here they are taking data to build graphs,maps from javascript insted of that i need to pass dynamic data. how to pass data to js? i am using java,jsp.
  8. Drill down in map.

    Hi Sudipto, its worked after deploying in server. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Drill down in map.

    Hi, we need to deploy this code source on any web server????
  10. Drill down in map.

    Hi, If i enable the debug mode. it is showing like this,but it is not displaying map. Info: Map loaded and initialized. Version: 3.1.0 Map Objects: BACKGROUND PLOT LABELS LEGEND TOOLTIP MARKERS MARKERLABELS MARKERCONNECTORS Initial Width: 950 Initial Height: 400 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN INFO: Map registered with external script. DOM Id of map is PM0 INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: <map animation="0" showLabels="0" borderAlpha="0" fillColor="FFFFFF" fillAlpha="0" usehoverColor="0" showToolTip="0" bgAlpha="0" CanvasBorderAlpha="0" showShadow="0" showBevel="0" />
  11. Drill down in map.

    Hi, sorry i am not able to upload the code. any way i added USA & States swf files list to maps. tats wat i did additinoly from existed code.
  12. Drill down in map.

    Hi Madhumita, Thanks for your reply. I placed all the SWF files in maps folder. but it is not displaying USA map. i m not getting to to fix it? here i am attaching the code. Let me know the mistakes what i did.
  13. Can USA map transistion smoothly to a state map?

    Hi, can you please provide the code base for this. i saw at view source it is including some js files. tats not clear to crack logic. Please help on this. I m trying to implement same like this. It is very urgent for me. your help is very much appreciated......
  14. Hi, If i am using FusionMapsRenderer.jsp to generate map insted of using js. how i can set setTranparent? i try to modify in jsp by adding below line map_<%= mapId%>.setTransparent(true); but it doesnt work. Let me know any other solution.