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  1. Hi Team, We are using Fusion Chart version 3.2.3-release.4749 and jQuery associated with it is jQuery v1.7.1. While doing a security-related vulnerability scan, we got a message say jQuery used is of the older version and is a risk to use the same. So we tried upgrading jquery.min.js which is within fusionChart js package to jQuery v3.5.1 but the charts are not loading. Please suggest a way out. Please note that this a production system and requires a quicker solution. Thanks,
  2. Javasacript Pie Chart not being loaded

    Team, Request your help at the earliest. Thanks, Veerendra Kumar S,
  3. Hi, I am using FusionCharts XT(v3.2.2) SR2 licensed version. Very recently while working on loading Pie chart in one of our application we are faced a problem, where Pie chart is not being loaded but all the legends and labels with values are loaded successfully. Please find the screenshot attached. Earlier in our project we are used to fusion chart, where javascript code were included within <script> tag in the JSP, where as now we are trying to separate Javascript code in a file. Please find the Javascript and JSP below. FusionCharts.js is loaded in the main JSP and code is as below. <script id="/js/fusionChart/FusionCharts.js" language="Javascript" src="/js/fusionChart/FusionCharts.js"></script> Javascript: ======================================== var ChartSummary = function() { this.loadChart = function() { FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); var pieChart = new FusionCharts(project + '/FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf', 'chart1ID', '500', '500'); pieChart.setDataXML("<chart showValues='1' showLegend='1' rotateValues='1' showNames='1' pieYScale='90' pieSliceDepth='10' pieRadius='120' showPercentageValues='1' decimalPrecision='0' showBorder='1' borderColor='000000' bgColor='FFFFFF' baseFontSize='10' baseFont='Arial'> <set value='145517' color='008000' label='Approved' /> <set value='0' color='ff0000' label='Rejected' /> <set value='103' color='ffff00' label='Pending' /> </chart>"); pieChart.setTransparent(true); pieChart.render('chartDiv'); } }; var chartSummary = new ChartSummary(); JSP =================================================== <div> <form name="chartForm" id="chartForm"> <table style="width:100%;"> <tr> <td> <div id="LoadChartButton" style="float: right;padding: 1%"> <input type="button" value="Load Chart" onclick="chartSummary.loadChart();"> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <div id="chartDiv" name="chartDiv"></div> </td> </tr> </table> </form> </div> Image =====================
  4. Hi, How can we know the X and Y Positions of Mouse Click Event with respect to Screen on Fusion Chart?? I am handling Mouse Click Event using Link attribute and calling Javascript function. In the Javascript i would like to know the X and Y Positions where the Mouse Click Event happen on the chart. Thank you in advance
  5. How do I know the X and Y Positions of a mouse click event on Node of Drag Node Chart. I am handling Mouse Click Event using Link attribute but I need the X and Y Positions of the mouse click event so that we can openup a small popup