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  1. We observed the overlap issue in JS charts when the Locale is set to an Asian language. The Flash version handled it well. Please see the 4 screen shots (2 sets of comparisons). These will show you both the issues: overlapping x-axis labels as well as the tinier charts in JS with unnecessary and unused white space. Here's the xml: <graph animation='0' labeldisplay='WRAP' canvasbgcolor='#FFFFFF' canvasborderthickness='1' chartleftmargin='5' showborder='0' bgcolor='#FFFFFF' yaxisnamepadding='0' chartbottommargin='0' divlinealpha='10' legendpadding='0' chartrightmargin='35' formatnumberscale='0' yaxisname=' (USD) ' xaxisname='时间' formatnumber='1' decimals='2' forcedecimals='1' yaxismaxvalue='140.0' yaxisminvalue='0.0' numdivlines='13' xaxismaxvalue='1395793441000' xaxisminvalue='1395375766000' adjustdiv='0' setadaptiveymin='1' legendborderalpha='0' legendshadow='0' legendborderthickness='0' showtooltip='1' showhovercap='1' outcnvbasefont='Dialog' outcnvbasefontsize='10' decimalseparator='.' showalternatehgridcolor='0' thousandseparator=',' anchorsides='4' drawanchors='1' labelstep='5' linethickness='1’> <categories verticallinecolor='666666' verticallinethickness='1' verticallinealpha='10’> <category showverticalline='1' x='1395375766000' label='2014年3月20日下午 09:22'></category> <category x='1395403611000' label='2014年3月21日上午 05:06'></category> <category x='1395431456000' label='2014年3月21日下午 12:50'></category> <category x='1395459301000' label='2014年3月21日下午 08:35'></category> <category x='1395487146000' label='2014年3月22日上午 04:19'></category> <category showverticalline='1' x='1395514991000' label='2014年3月22日下午 12:03'></category> <category x='1395542836000' label='2014年3月22日下午 07:47'></category> <category x='1395570681000' label='2014年3月23日上午 03:31'></category> <category x='1395598526000' label='2014年3月23日上午 11:15'></category> <category x='1395626371000' label='2014年3月23日下午 06:59'></category> <category showverticalline='1' x='1395654216000' label='2014年3月24日上午 02:43'></category> <category x='1395682061000' label='2014年3月24日上午 10:27'></category> <category x='1395709906000' label='2014年3月24日下午 06:11'></category> <category x='1395737751000' label='2014年3月25日上午 01:55'></category> <category x='1395765596000' label='2014年3月25日上午 09:39'></category> <category showverticalline='1' x='1395793441000' label='2014年3月25日下午 05:24'></category> </categories> <dataset drawline='1' anchorbgcolor='#000000' linealpha='100' color='#000000' seriesname='领先价格’> <set tooltext='$90.00 USD{br}2014年3月20日下午 09:23{br}领先价格' y='90.0' x='1395375826000'></set> <set tooltext='$85.00 USD{br}2014年3月25日上午 10:56{br}领先价格' y='85.0' x='1395770199000'></set> </dataset> <dataset drawline='1' anchorbgcolor='#00FFFF' linealpha='100' color='#00FFFF' seriesname=‘'> <set tooltext='$93.00 USD{br}2014年3月25日下午 05:23{br}China Won Human R...' y='93.0' x='1395793380000'></set> </dataset> <dataset drawline='1' anchorbgcolor='#A52A2A' linealpha='100' color='#A52A2A' seriesname=‘'> <set tooltext='$90.00 USD{br}2014年3月20日下午 09:23{br}ServerTech Inc. (...' y='90.0' x='1395375826000'></set> </dataset> <dataset drawline='1' anchorbgcolor='#C0C0C0' linealpha='100' color='#C0C0C0' seriesname=‘'> <set tooltext='$85.00 USD{br}2014年3月25日上午 10:56{br}Digi Storage (Ter...' y='85.0' x='1395770199000'></set> </dataset> <dataset drawline='1' linealpha='100' color='#FF00FF' anchoralpha='0' seriesname='保留价格’> <set y='20.0' x='1395375766000'></set> <set y='20.0' x='1395793441000'></set> </dataset> <dataset drawline='1' linealpha='100' color='#0000FF' anchoralpha='0' seriesname='封顶价格’> <set y='100.0' x='1395375766000'></set><set y='100.0' x='1395793441000'></set> </dataset><dataset drawline='1' linealpha='100' color='#FF0000' anchoralpha='0' seriesname='历史价格’> <set y='120.0' x='1395375766000'></set> <set y='120.0' x='1395793441000'></set> </dataset> </graph>
  2. Hi Bindhu, Thank you for the update. Shall I keep checking this thread for an update or is there another mode? Regards.
  3. Any suggestions on hiding the tool-tip on iPad? A bit urgent. Thanks, Jitesh
  4. Hi Bindhu, Thanks for the information. It really helps. I will wait for a reply on the other question- hiding the tooltext on iPads. Regards.
  5. Hi Bindhu, Thank you for your quick reply. I tried with {BR} and it introduces the new line in both flash and js version of charts. With the previous version of Fusioncharts, we were using a UTF-8 encoded string for the tool-text. Not sure if that was a requirement for the earlier version. Would you know? Does it mean that these formats are no longer supported for the tooltext? About hiding the tooltext on iPad, I am NOT able to do it on iPad. It works well on desktop flash chart but on iPad js chart, the tooltext is sticky. It doesn't go away on clicking an empty chart area. Only thing that seems to hide it is opening up tooltext for another anchor. It poses usability issues. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jitesh
  6. Hi, We are an existing customer of Fusion Charts. We are in process of moving to the XT version so that we can make use of the javascript charts for iPad (in our hosted solution). We were using FC_MSScatter.swf earlier and with the new version switched to Scatter.awf Noticed an issue with the tooltext (When we hover over an anchor/ data point in the Scatter graph, it shows some information, I believe it's called tooltext, please bear with me if that's a wrong term). It should show up like (in our current version of Fusioncharts that uses FC_MSScatter it worked correctly): $90.00 USD 9:23:46 ServerTech Inc. (... But in XT version (Flash on Desktop and js on iPad) it shows up this instead: %2490.00+USD%0D9%3A23%3A46%0DServerTech+Inc.+%28... Please see the attached images. Also, for your reference, here's the bit from XML (we use setXMLData): <dataset drawline='1' anchorbgcolor='#A52A2A' linealpha='100' color='#A52A2A' seriesname=''> <set tooltext='%2490.00+USD%0D9%3A23%3A46%0DServerTech+Inc.+%28...' y='90.0' x='1395375826000'> </set> </dataset> Questions: ------------ How do I fix this on both flash and js version with XT? How do I hide the tooltext once user has seen it? On desktop you just take the mouse away from the anchor and it will be hidden, how do I achieve the same on iPad? Will really appreciate a quick response. Regards, Jitesh
  7. Thanks Haritha. I was finally able to get an environment with both the jQuery's in a page for my testing. javascript chart rendered with jQuery v1.10.2 that our application already uses. Interestingly, even if I don't remove the jquery.min.js that ships with FusionCharts XT package, there didn't seem to be an obvious conflict with the charting functionality, i.e. the chart did render fine in spite of both jquery javascripts on the page. However, since I cannot be sure that nothing else that relies on our application's jquery is not broken, I would go with your suggestion of not including the fusionchart package's jquery.min.js. Thanks for your help again.
  8. Hi, We are an existing customer of Fusion Charts. We are in process of moving to the XT version so that we can make use of the javascript charts for iPad (in our hosted solution). I read in the documentation that I do not need to include the files- jquery.min.js, FusionCharts.HC.js and FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js, explicitly as long as I have included FusionCharts.js and also these files are present in the same folder as FusionCharts.js. This does not work for me. I checked in the console logs for web inspector (Safari) as well as the Firebug (Firefox). The url that FusionCharts.js tries to use to load the other javascript files is incorrect. I believe it's not able to resolve the url correctly or find the right url to use for resources (js, images etc.). I workaround this problem by including the other 3 js files explicitly in my code. Questions- ------------- Does this explicit inclusion of these files have a downside? Could this be fixed to dynamically load js files as stated in the documentation? Now the more critical part: we are using jquery-1.10.2.js in our application for certain widgets/components/utilities. FusionCharts also has a jquery file: jquery.min.js. I have no immediate way to test these together as these are developed in parallel and will be merged and released together. I have read a number of posts regarding similar scenarios on FusionCharts forum where people have complained about Charts not loading. I am afraid we might hit the same issue. Questions: ------------- Is there a sure shot way of avoiding this? Which verison of jquery is used by FusionCharts XT and will it conflict with 1.10.2 that we use? Can I avoid including jquery.min.js from the FusionCharts XT package and just rely on jquery-1.10.2.js that is used and loaded in almost every page of the application? Will really appreciate a quick response. Regards, Jitesh
  9. Hi Sumedh, Thank you for your prompt reply and help. Really appreciate it. It worked well and helped me understand this domain a bit more Regards, Jitesh
  10. Hi, I am new to FusionCharts. Our Product has been using FusionCharts for Flash based charting (I think version 2.3 with a commercial license). We need to support charting related functionality for iPad as well and are looking into some options for the same. Noticed the XT version of Fusion Charts and downloaded the trial version for evaluation. Passed the initial hurdles (mostly javascript errors) and now I am stuck with the issue of basic nature/type of the graph not being rendered. We have been using something called FC_MSScatter.swf and it renders the data like a scatter chart with some additional lines (see attachment Old_FC_MSScatter.pdf). But during the evaluation, I am uanble to find something similar to FC_MSScatter.swf. I find Scatter.swf in the Charts folder. In the code I tried using it and it presents the data in just the scatter chart form (see attachment New_Scatter.pdf) without the lines. Same is the case when I set the renderer to javascript and pass "Scatter" as the first parameter in new FusionCharts("Scatter", "mychartid", somewidth, someheight, "0", "1");. Though it does render on the iPad. How can I get the same functionality as before? Thank you. Old_FC_MSScatter.pdf New_Scatter.pdf