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  1. pie chart mouse a problem

    OK,thanks The problem for a long time, your work time under the convenient said?
  2. pie chart mouse a problem

    Sumedh,page is all I use flash. Can't separate the javascript ways to do this, there is no way to solve?
  3. Column 2D Chart

  4. Column 2D Chart

    yes,only one X-Axis label ,An X coordinate point is still very thick after using the property. Can it be a little thinner? ,i want to look at the effect of the attachment
  5. pie chart mouse a problem

    hi ! Why didn’t the page slide following the mouse wheel, which sliding on the pie chart? The official case also has the same effect. How should I change? thanks!
  6. Column 2D Chart

    hi everyone i need to thick pillars change fine pillars ,what attribute can change it? if my label only one, how to write?
  7. multiple y axes question

    thanks ,i want this!
  8. I want to set each Y axis's baseline for multiple Y axes chart, my question is how to do that.
  9. multiple y axes question

    everyone y axes
  10. hi everybody, i use Multi Axis Line Chart How to draw base line? Such as accessories pictures of the black line