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  1. The charts are in a tab (jquery), which is not selected while initializing and creating the charts. When the area in which the charts are rendered is not visible while creating the Charts, the position of the label is on top and not centered. - The area is visible while creating / rendering the chart: - The area is not visible while creating / rendering the chart:
  2. When I'am using the HTML - Charts, the pointer of the value is incorrect: When I'am using the Flash - Charts, the pointer is correct: This is the XML - Data: <chart lowerLimit='-5' upperLimit='5' palette='1' animation='0'> <colorRange> <color minValue='-5' maxValue='-3' code='FF654F' label=''/> <color minValue='-3' maxValue='-1' code='F6BD0F' label=''/> <color minValue='-1' maxValue='0' code='8BBA00' label=''/> <color minValue='0' maxValue='1' code='8BBA00' label=''/> <color minValue='1' maxValue='3' code='F6BD0F' label=''/> <color minValue='3' maxValue='5' code='FF654F' label=''/> </colorRange> <pointers> <pointer value='0' radius='6'/> </pointers> </chart>