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  1. Hi: I want to report a bug on ZoomLine chart. I tried to build a list of ZoomLine chart under an Extjs4 scroll panel. See screen1.png. The select-and-zoom works on the first two charts with the scroll bar on the top. However, if I scroll down to the following charts. The select-and-zoom will not work. See screen2.png. I believe there is a bug in FusionCharts.HC.js' "selectionEventHandler" function. It tries to use a mouse position (to the screen) and the element position (absolute position to the page top) to feature out the selection zone. It doesn't work in a scrolled panel, as the panel scrolls, even clicking at the same point, the mouse position will be different. But the absolute position position to the page top will not. Then the calculation for the selection zone will be incorrect and then the select-and-zoom will not work. I have attached a sample program. You may open home.html to reproduce the problem. Thanks! -Yang tools.multi-chart.zip
  2. ZoomLine chart loses important data

    Hi I'm using ZoomLine chart to display some peak volumes. It's pretty cool but I found the following issue. Not sure if it is a bug: The attached screenshots are from the "same" chart, before and after Zooming in. In the first screenshot. The user's focus will be on the peak volume on Jan 13. Then after zooming in, we can see the peak value (176199976). However, when I scroll to the right, to 11:00 on Jan 17. There's a much bigger peak volume (339837616). But this more important peak is completely invisible from the Chart before Zooming in. I checked the implementation. It seems ZoomLine chart will hide some values to make the time label looks clear. These values will show up after the user zooms in. However, it causes a problem that the user may miss the more important data. Any idea? Thanks! -Yang
  3. ZoomLine charts not working properly in a scrolled panel

    Thank for looking into this. Looking forward to hearing from you!